The Art of Living

Creating a sustainable lifestyle

If you happened to be an outsider looking in on this world and all its lifeforms, you would see that the human population has become excessive to the point where it is destroying the environment that it depends on for its existence. If we carry on like this for another generation or so, humanity and most other species will become extinct. Life on earth will carry on without us and do very well, therefore we need to adopt a lifestyle that sustains and celebrates life instead of destroying life.

“Once joy is your constant companion, you are no more an issue in your life. After that, life is a journey of endlessly unfolding celebration and discovery.” ~ Sadhguru

In this section, we cover:

  • Fashion
    Just because it looks good and impresses someone, does it really work for you?
  • Food
    Foods for living
  • Garden
    Tips and ideas
  • How to
    Do yoga, kiss, find happiness and more
  • Humour
    Our collection ok jokes and anecdotal stories
  • Kids
    Entertaining, educating and setting them free with the tools for life
  • Medical
    Health or disease are choices, so what affects a cure?
  • Parenting
    Tips and ideas to raise you kids
  • People
    Renowned personalities
  • Poetry
    Encapsulated ideas for inspiration
  • Relationships
    How do we conduct ourselves so that our relationships can be open and amicable?
  • Sport
    Great distractions
  • Spirituality
    Ideas about who we are, why and how we became
  • Therapy
    Tools that work to ease suffering
  • Work
    Work we must, so how do we endure?

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