The Ascent of Women

An unfair history heralding our peril

A Dancer of Ancient Egypt (1916). George Owen Wynne Apperley (English, 1884-1960). Oil on canvas.

For the most part, men seem rather straightforward and uncomplicated yet somehow twisted by social pressure and the competition to survive and advance in modern life. Many women have also become masculine in their attitude and behaviour.

Woman are normally seen as being much more complex, less logical and often impossible to understand. While it is man who provides the spark for new life, it is woman who often induces that spark and facilitates new life into the world.


In an esoteric cosmological sense there are two aspects to life, yin and yang, internal and external, masculine and feminine. Yin has been labelled as feminine and yang as masculine, but within all of us, we each carry a unique balance of masculine and feminine energy.

Some men can be perhaps described as effeminate are more feminine in nature, more rational and concerned for life whereas some woman a more masculine to the point of joining men and destroying life as evidenced by women who send their children to die for some cause.

Amanda Foreman
Historic changes in women's lives

In this video, Amanda Foreman describes how with the arrival of agriculture, it was men who had time to dream up selfish desires. They initially confined their woman to the kitchen then forced them to cover their bodies before making them chattels to be bought and sold.

It is this same ingenuity, a desire to get the most out of life for the least amount of effort also introduced slavery along with the idea of conquest and the taking of other people's wealth. This has been the trend of masculinity or patriarchal society over the past 10,000 years or more.

Conversely women are more inclined to celebrate life than ask of life.

It is women who must go to the right of passage into puberty and again into pregnancy, childbirth and the raising of children, sometimes doing all this alone or with the support of other women. As men became more dominant and aggressive, women had no choice but to love and support them as the power of the sacred feminine that they possess became repressed.

We can see in the evolution of how women's bodies were glorified by men and yet the women horribly maltreated in many cultures. But like in the movie 'The Red Tent' and the great witch hunts of Europe, the power of the Divine feminine may have been punishable when it appeared in women, but it is not extinguishable.

Rosalind Franklin: DNA's unsung hero

There's an old saying that men are from Mars and women are from Venus. This seems to imply that men are cold and aggressive whereas woman are hotbeds of conflict but this is simply a romantic notion.

The masculine element can be calculating and callous, but the feminine is about life, the feminine is about the Earth and the production of new life. We are bound to our planetary home that the male or masculine energy is fast destroying. Like the beaten woman, the femine will endure and in time produce new life.

Woman is of the earth, she is irrepressible and when mankind has reached the point of extinction, without us, the earth will flourish once more and a new time will dawn. This will be a time when men weary of plunder and the search for temporary happiness come to their senses and recognise the feminine as the source of life, respecting their mothers.

In the modern traditions of meditation and spiritual practice, it is the awakening of the Divine feminine within all human beings that serves to enlighten, and it is only the celebration of the devine feminine that can prevent our slide toward extinction.

Heddy Lamarr behind modern technology 

Before we slide into oblivion and leave the earth to continue in peace, just think, where would you be now without your mother?

If it weren't for our mothers, we wouldn't be here. If it weren't for the earth, we wouldn't be here and if it weren't for the sun and this vast cosmos in which we exist as an infinitesimal spec of insignificance, we could not possibly exist.

The patriarchal civilisation that has emerged with the development of agriculture has pursued power and conquest, temporary happiness at the expense of others. We can see this in nature as part of the struggle to survive, the karma of eat or be eaten.  A substantial percentage of modern humanity is bound in this animalistic nature ruled by a patriarchal system out of balance and bent on destruction for what?

This is a failure to become human, this is a failure to recognise and accept that we are both masculine and feminine, and that both must coexist in harmony for life to flourish. The aspect of life that humanity possesses besides our physical dexterity is our intelligence which sadly has been hijacked by petty desires.

Men last after and idolise women's bodies while denying their femininity, a result of several thousand years of patriarchy. Over the past hundred years woman have begun to stand up for themselves using their own masculine energy to compete on men's terms. Sometimes they seek to create more social equity for women, but sometimes they switch to the masculine energy and join the race to our destruction.

If we are going to survive as a species, we need to do a huge about-face. The past cannot be changed, but we must forgive and this is a very feminine trait that men need to embrace if they want to be successful in passing on their DNA to fulfil the most basic biological drive that we share with all living things.

A good starting point is to sit down in a quiet space, feel your breath and the warmth of the sun because these things do not discriminate. Then bring to mind how grateful you are to your mother for life and praise her.

As a child of the mother, it is the mother who knows how to soothe a physical injury, it is a mother who knows how to soothe the broken heart or a conflict of mind. She simply loves without expectation or any agenda beyond you feeling better.

The worst place to be a women -
The dark side of Catholicism

So salute your mother and instead of working to create a world for your own pleasure and temporary happiness for this life itself is temporary and although you may amass a fortune or even take over someone else's territory, that happiness is ephemeral and when you die as you surely will, it will be gone.

Work instead to create the environment and conditions where your mother can be truly happy and this is a place where all mothers can be happy. In places the world may become more matriarchal and the nature of our social structures may change as with those few remaining Chinese who practice the 'walking marriage'.

This is well past time for our species is on the brink of extinction and while we have never been as comfortable or technologically advanced, we are teetering on the edge of extinction and what happens next is between you and your mother.


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    Hi some still say a woman’s place is in the kitchen but in truth we could use a few more Heddy Lamarr’s and women who know how to be women

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