The Bullying Phenomenon

An age old tribal practice that blossoms in the modern world

Bullying is nothing new, it's been going on for millennia and we also see it in the animal kingdom stemming from primal survival instincts and those who bully others today operate not so much because they consciously decided this was their role, but because of the unique circumstances or karma governing their lives.

When two animals are hungry and there is one morsel of food, they will without the benefit of higher intelligence fight to the death and males traditionally compete for females in a similar manner. But us humans have been gifted with a higher intelligence, we can take a morsel of food and devise ways of sharing as we have to a certain degree learned to cooperate in regard to mating rights and the development of societal structures.

With the event of democracy, legislations and acknowledgements of human rights, the class structures have acted collectively to manipulate and control the other classes. This is not so much because anyone individual wants to be a bully, the follow-on from basic democracy and rationalism which is capitalism which creates competition and introduces another level of bullying so that today we see countries bullying other countries.

The USA bullies the world and the other countries don't obey their citizens get slaughtered, the infrastructure destroyed and then the US corporations march in and take over leaving the indigenous population devoid of some of the most basic rights and freedoms. The USA is not alone, the European powers have played and continue to play this game to the detriment of all life on earth.

Across the modern world today we hear about bullying in schools and there are likely thousands of videos on YouTube portraying bullying taking place in some form or other and such videos also appear on the evening news. Community is raise their hackles voice their shock and displeasure yet these kids are imitating the behaviour handed down to them through the highly competitive economic and political systems fuelled by a constant stream of violent movies, points that the world chooses to ignore.

Our kids learn that they are in fact miniature versions of the USA, Britain or Germany or France for that matter, if they want something and can't get it by legitimate means then they can go and beat the crap out of someone and think it's completely fair and justifiable because the political powers get away with it, the corporations get away with it, political parties get away with it the churches get away with it and even the hierarchies at school get away with it even though they like to pretend it doesn't exist.

Like it or not, the modern world is governed by the need or desire for money because there is little available in this world to sustain anyone that has not already been commodified. In other words if you don't have money you can't eat or put a roof over your head. This is the outcome of modern capitalism and democracy that exists mostly in name only because populations are continually distracted and ignorant of the political process and their own human nature.

The common excuses that "I'm only human." This is the most despicably lame excuse in the book because we do know something about human potential to be inclusive, to be canes, to be considerate of others, to be compassionate, to share and work together. Unfortunately this lame excuse is often used to get away with things and deny responsibility. In the above image, the two girls beating up on the other would likely attribute blame the girl they are beating up in the same way that George W Bush lied to the world as justification for invading Iraq making it Iraq's or perhaps Saddam Hussein's fault that the USA had to intervene.

When you are being bullied, when people and kids in your neighbourhood are being bullied, you could say that it's a form of spiritual emergency because when people resort to this behaviour the spirituality or essence of what is to be human is missing in those people. It is never anyone's karma or debt to be bullied, but it is a challenge to dig deeper and discover compassion for the perpetrators.


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