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The Cancer of the World

A rising anxiety

earthtodayMost of us have sufficient common sense to be comfortable with the basic facts of life and not be too bothered by them. We understand the basic process of birth and living in a society where we must work and pay taxes.

Cancers are an imbalance within the environment of a particular individual where normal cell growth mutates. In terms of history, cancers have been common in individuals within all societies but they have a number of triggers that set them off.

The most obvious causes of cancer are bacteria, viruses and exposure to toxic substances such as radiation. These things cause a breakdown of individual human bodies resulting in death.

The human body is an organism, but it can also be described as complete ecosystem because all the component parts of a human body are interrelated and inter-dependent. We cannot survive without the bacteria in our stomach that helps to break down our food, and we could not survive without any of our vital organs.

The human body is one ecosystem amongst many, and all ecosystems are interdependent. For instance human beings have a symbiotic relationship with trees and plants. Plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, human beings along with other mammals extract the oxygen from the air and release carbon dioxide. This is a symbiotic relationship or an interdependency between plants and animals.

This interdependency is carried further because we consume plants as food, but we also nurture the existence of plants which in turn benefits our own survival.

It has been shown that ecosystems flourish best when they are more diverse. As we have seen in agriculture, monocultures where one species is dominant is subject to catastrophic failures. Like the Irish potato famine, not just the potatoes died, a large percentage of the human population also died of starvation.  It has been widely recognised by indigenous populations that the key to survival is to have a variety of food sources so that if one crop fails, there will be another to sustain the population.

In terms of human civilisation, there are many different cultural groups and amongst those there are religious and political sects that are each trying to dominate. Islam is trying to take over the world according to various interpretations of their holy book. Christians are doing exactly the same, but we also have the forces of capitalism and American-style democracy trying to dominate the world.

When there is a cancer in the human body, that malignancy is attempting to take over the organism without any consideration that it may lead to its own death. Likewise ideological groups who are attempting to re-create the world to suit their own understanding destroy the very things that support the vitality and sustainability of life.

In short, the hostility of one individual towards another and the hostility between one sect and another is a cancer which runs against the natural order of nature.

This attempt at global dominance is a cancer of civilisation but some of the consequences such as increased pollution, agricultural monoculture, the depletion of soils, the pollution of rivers and the genetic interference in the foundation of life itself causes cancers in countless individuals.

"The current monoculture that is rapidly spreading in the world, through a mix of global capitalist expansionism, socialist utopianism, monopolistic consumerism, one-god fundamentalism, and myopic secularism, is slowly destroying not just the sacred feminine and cultural diversity of many ancient civilizations, but it is also enslaving and destroying the human mind by placing it in a straight-jacket, thereon promoting the ‘one homogenous standard’ of- same belief, same path, same ideal, same dream, same lifestyle, same values and same point of view for everyone." ~ Tina Sadhiwani

The use of depleted uranium in munitions by the UK and USA in Iraq have not only caused cancers in the existing population, but thousands of badly deformed children have been born as a consequence of that abuse.  The abuse of one human being by another all the abuse of one society by another through derision, acts of aggression, social and economic sabotage are a great cause of fear and suffering in populations and destroys the immune systems of countless individuals.

When a person is fearful, their immune system becomes weaker. When people are forced to endure hardships for another's pleasure, again the immune system is compromised and when the immune system is compromised, the body becomes an ideal breeding ground for cancer.

Cancers work both ways

There is an old saying that what you put out always returns. This can simply be called karma and while the victims of aggression die from starvation and bullet wounds, the aggressors whose body chemistry is also upset by their attitude are dying of cancers.

If one looks at the world from a distant perspective, that one takes into account the history of civilisation and how looks at it today without any sense of right or wrong, one can see that civilisation itself is suffering from a terminal cancer.

However the cancer of the world is completely curable. No individual government or a collective of governments as represented by the United Nations can stop war. But every government can take action to stop the manufacturing of ammunition. The United Nations can't go and take away every persons weapon, but if every government were to ensure that the production of ammunition was stopped within their own borders, those who fight would soon run out of bullets.

Depriving aggressors of their bullets would mean they'd have to put aside their rifles and take up hand tools, but eventually they would get tired, give up the killing and the world could experience peace.

If humankind could become peaceful, the very fact that none were under threat from anyone else would transform the world. Human civilisation could recover from its cancer and celebrate the diversity of life instead of living in fear.

When the fear factor is taken care of, it seems highly probable that the incidence of cancers in individuals would diminish significantly?


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