The Core of Yoga

The path to truth and happiness

There is no absolute scientific certain, no proven origin or reason for mankind in this world.  There is no proof of creation, there is no proof of evolution;  there are many maybes and yet we know we have this potential and yet were are caught up in suffering when we have the potential to be happy....

But the fact that you wake up every morning is proof that you are alive and depending on the combination of your actions and circumstances, you are either happy or unhappy.  For the happy, yoga is a celebration of life and for the unhappy, yoga is a journey to create an enduring happiness.

We all experience moments of joy and happiness, but yoga is a technology that can provide joy and happiness 24/7 for those who do the practise.  There is no requirement to believe anything, the only requirement is to make a consistent effort on what is a journey in body and mind.

Given that we have no specific proven origin, what is our purpose? 

The simple answer is simply to live, the intelligent answer is to end our suffering and become happy. Therefore from a yoga perspective,  the goal of life is to live and strive toward the highest known ideals which are happiness, joy and enlightenment; is a state of super consciousness equated to the saints and sages of religious and philosophical traditions.

The yogic goal for civilisation is the stable continuation of our species in a way that creates happiness for the population and the freedom for interested individuals to explore the outer reaches of inner space and understand what makes us human.

Yoga is an experiential science with over 15000 years of anecdotal knowledge that is able to be replicated within one's own experience or consciousness. Like the old expression "beauty, truth or wisdom is in the eye of the beholder."

Yoga recognises the human connection to the universe we live in and that we act as a conduit for energy to flow between heaven and earth through the kundalini and our self expression.  So physically we have body and mind, and we also have the subtle body or aura with a host of meridians (scientifically validated and used in acupuncture) and chakras connected to the kundalini.

Yoga separates our thinking mind from consciousness.  Consciousness is different from our thinking mind which essentially calculates. Consciousness may be likened to the dark matter in space that in reality is far from dark, it connects to every thing and every individual. It lets you know who's calling when the phone rings or know what's happening in some place.

The goals of yoga are to understand our consciousness and to transcend our animalist nature and ascend into a higher consciousness with the guidelines of kindness, compassion and the yoga ethics. To understand consciousness, is to refine what we know of our self and to begin exploring (meditating).

The path is one of maintaining ethically sound health and fitness, studying the achievements of other explorers and testing hypothesis to prove or disprove for yourself.

In yoga there is no belief system, there are no beliefs.  Until proven in your own mind, there are only probabilities.

Yoga Philosophy Beyond the Mat

Swami Govindananda summarises the core of yoga philosophy and its importance. To those who understand, it will make your heart dance with joy, to those taking their first steps, this talk is wise counsel.

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