The Demise of Civilisations

Why do civilisations end?

With all its wisdom why was the civilized ancient world not able to withstand or overthrow the invaders?

Wisdom can not save one when times change and the evil attacks and invades. The physical forces who were guided by greed and selfishness destroyed all ancient world slowly and gradually. The fall of ancient world's last developed times began decaying about 5500 years ago, when Mahabharata war had ended.

The ancient civilized world began its decay and people were misled and they began to fight and lay claims to others properties and this was also coincidental of commencement of Kali Yuga [an epoch of machine] as mentioned in Vedic texts. There upon greed led communities invaded each other and geo-political grab and invasion became the norm. This was the secret of organized religions which were invented to use as cover to invade and steal.

The world today lives with false ideas of life, living, humanity and it is all based on selfishness, greed and destruction of others. The future will be ruled by machines who will finish subjective nonsensical world of fake religiosity and mockery of humanity. The current generations are unaware of the grand and a unique civilization that had existed for millions of years and reached its zenith perhaps 21000 years ago and continued till about 12000 years ago and there on 5500 years ago began real decay. Those who lose their primal heritage can not survive for too long. Just like organic seeds can only survive if they keep replicating but once they modify their nature the seeds begin to die and wont ever produce after a few sowings.

Lord Krishna is attributed to have said that when he leaves the planet the age of darkness would begin and men will self destruct and kill each other as they will erode their basis of Dharma. Once foundations of Dharma are eroded and fractured the men will become enslaved by false religions, false prophets and false honor and they will literally begin killing each other. That has been happening till now and will continue for a long time. When the new sub-age of Kalyuga starts in about 11 years the old structures will have gone and new life will begin that may revive some of the old sense of glory as the time is spiraling up and down in waves but within multi layered cycles. All good people of human world will unify and will eradicate the evil of darkness, false religions and grand conspiracies to usher into a new era for some time.

Did people not fight with each other in olden times ?

In fact many major wars always were witnessed. Precisely 5500 years ago the war of Mahabharata started. Having said that in ancient world the wars were over ethical and moral ground mainly less on mere territory grab or subjugation. The idea of Subjugation via religions is an invention of the last remnants of failed roman greek empire who were tired of wars and they invented religions to control the human world. Men in material world fight for matter and they think Earth and Water are also material and can be controlled. Unfortunately the elements are mere tools of nature; that is not or rather never in human control. Ultimately the nature rules and ploughs down all man made structures and reboots the planet.

Where is the wisdom of the ancient world gone?

All deep cultures with profound ancient values we see in some existing cultures today are essentially the residual values of those ancient cultures and we may not see them so obvious but they do appear and surface. I think they are genetically coded in some way but more than that they are transported by the soul when it re-initiates a new human form in further time frames. Most likely those sages and even common intelligent beings still reincarnate and take birth in new bodies and naturally they are bound to gravitate to higher intelligence.

Today intelligence is expressed in applied sciences, technology or even doing anything like farming, house building techniques, manufacturing amazing machines, engineering of vast projects, transportation and perhaps now literally misunderstood and improperly translated religious texts or codes of conduct. We see those seers in modern apparitions perhaps but the noise, pollution and excess consumerism has blinded us to not see through the nature and perhaps impeded us to appreciate the great intelligence around us in everything we see.

So may be they are no longer there in same unbroken tradition but their wisdom is still running our humanity. That said the contemporary times have disabled our natural thinking faculties and we are becoming passive and this passivity has ripped off our feelings and sensibility. Most likely one day we will realize or our coming generations or our own selves reincarnating and bring about a new world that was perhaps as interesting and wise as some ancient world.
Arent we more civilized?

We think we have grown into "civilization" but we are not really civilized. We are once "again" primitives with nicely crafted fabrics but inside we are senseless and heartless beings who can not even feel presence of spirit.

We treat humans, animals and sentient beings with maximum cruelty, we are only focused on our personal comforts and consumption and never thank those who support us, produce food for us as we are grown into a mad world that is fast losing its only real element that is valuable - humanity.

Just imagine a real peace, worry & angst free life, filled with joy of living participating in creative process of life. Majority of people today do not live free or joyful lives. We can not even have really pure water or environment for most people, are loaded with guns and devices to detonate the planet. Probably we need to work on our fears and insecurities and seek internally instead of seeking out. What is within us can never be found outside.

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  • Debora Mac

    I neеd to to thank you for this wonderful read!! Of course literature and film abound with tales of plague, famine and wars which ravage the planet, leaving a few survivors scratching out a primitive existence amid the ruins. Every civilisation in history has collapsed, after all. Why should ours be any different and with all these doomsday stories, are we being prepared?

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