The Disease Spreads

The calls to accept and normalise paedophilia

Before getting into this argument, we must remember that paedophilia has been going on for centuries in some form or other. In many cultures girls became married soon after their menstrual cycle commenced but there is very little record or evidence to support any ideas that what we refer to as paedophilia today existed before the rise of the Greek and Roman empires. The civilised world that stretched from the Mediterranean, North Africa, South and Southeast Asia are thought to have been much better organised and responsible.

Under the Greeks and Romans who used slaves to create their empires, a new kind of indolence and leisure developed along with a disregard for life as part of the developing political and economic landscape that gave rise to new beliefs and those beliefs became structured into formalise religions.

We know today that paedophilia is a disease, perhaps as much a disease of the spirit as of the mind of those affected. Our children are to be loved, celebrated and educated so they can create constructive lives but due to political, social and economic pressures we have evolved a civilisation in which truth and respect for life are spoken of highly but never practised except by those who have sufficient active intelligence. Unfortunately the most intelligent amongst us are confined to the fringes of society because they have been effectively disempowered by the moral majority who exercise lordship due to their beliefs and economic status.

Since the perversion of the original Christianity by the Romans who made it a tool of social control, slavery and the abuse of children became systemic across Europe, Middle East and North Africa so that by the time Islam arrived, the population who would become Islamic had already been brainwashed and participated in this ideology.

The German reformer Martin Luther had his eyes opened on his pilgrimage to Rome in 1510 when he witnessed the level of paedophilia at the Vatican, but with our ever-increasing population, the level of child abuse has continued to escalate. No one seems to know the numbers but it seems probable that there are considerable numbers of men and women who would have they thought they could get away with it actively participate in this crime. But one suspects there must be even greater numbers who would turn a blind eye as long as they are not personally affected.

It is not just a crime of men, it is a crime of civilisation itself because this ideology has been flourishing for more than two thousand years and those impulses that drive people to do hurtful things can arise as a result of memories from past lifetimes.

Medical student Mirjam Heine

Mirjam Heine in her video presents the idea that paedophilia is a form of sexual orientation and that the feelings are natural and normal yet the behaviour is wrong. This is a fairly innocent observation arising perhaps in association with the #meto movement. This conception arises because we are so disconnected from nature and because we live in a world of beliefs as opposed to a world of fundamental truth.

By creating a civilisation based on beliefs and allowing total power to flow into the hands of a few government only by beliefs of their own self-importance, civilisation in many ways is completely lost and operates reactively. By using too many chemicals and poisoning land, we cry afterwards. By medicating ourselves we can pretend this is not happening and that is all part of God's divine plan. For far too long abdicated the responsibility for themselves and as a consequence we live institutionalised lives which provide the breeding grounds for psychological dysfunction.

We live in this world to support and celebrate each other if the political and economic situation demands that we use each other as resources. Indeed most business enterprises and government departments have human resources managers but we are not designed to be resources although we are designed to be resourceful. This usury of each other is fundamental for so many diseases including that of paedophilia and the perpetrators are sick as are most criminals.

The primary breeding grounds of those who sexually offend are within religions, the men and often women who have sworn to serve and live by a moral code that excludes such activities. Over the years there has been a growing awareness of the extent of paedophilia within the Catholic Church. It is largely thanks to our new communications technology that individuals can no longer keep secrets and all over the world perhaps tens of thousands of priests who have been denied normal sexual expression through marriage have become deviant predators.

Within Christianity and even within the political elite, sexual misbehaviour is news headlines somewhere every day yet within Islam it is much more hidden and there is a huge outcry when some sixty-year-old man marries a nine year old girl. This is been part of their culture from way before the inception of Islam when the Arabs supplied slaves to the Romans and of course they had to sample the merchandise as they perceived the Romans did.

In Greek culture sexual relationships between men were normal whereas wives were virtual slaves and daughters locked away whereas boys were expected to ingratiate themselves with other men or one in particular who would be his teacher. To be fair all of these relationships between men and boys would not have been sexual yet it is widely reported from history that most men of being standing intimately involved themselves with younger men.

This idea that paedophilia is somehow normal is as bad as the disease itself as it goes against our biology.

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