Europe is Falling

And our urge for self destruction

Police under attack, Paris 2016

We call ourselves human beings, yet we spend much of our lives simply doing stuff and while we exist in what is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful locations in the universe, we are almost the only species that has such a self-destructive bent and destroys what is beautiful.

Through some very basic observation we know that millions of people take their own lives every year because for some reason, the suffering they experience in their own minds is intolerable. We can see large swathes of pristine nature being destroyed for profit. Much of what we create quickly becomes waste and this waste is returned to the environment where it contaminates and destroys other life including our own.

We must ask is this some kind of carelessness,
some kind of absentmindedness or
is it somehow a failure to recognise life?

As we grow into this world, most people learn that fire burns and therefore they don't put their hand in the flames, but if someone can profit from something in the flames, there seemed to be always people who can be persuaded (made to believe)  to put their hand in for some small reward even if it kills them.

Since the close of World War II the world found a state of balance even though the USA and its friends established a stage for perpetual conflict (Orwell's 1984). While this conflict rain in the Middle East, most people comment "how awful" and return to some other activity without a second thought. Those with a well-groomed social conscience may go as far as protesting against the injustice or even donating money to help the needy.

But for the most part, while someone else is dying from cancer, while some other country is being torn apart, the majority remains silent and endorses what many see as criminal activities by the US, its allies and the corporations that pull the strings.

It's a little like our coffee much of which comes from plantations on land stolen from indigenous peoples and the crops worked and managed by slave labourers. We like our computers and technology unaware that for every hundred computers sold in the world, the cost of production includes the life of at least one person who died in the process of sourcing the raw materials.

As our population grew, belief became a primary value, some believe life is God's will and they refuse to even consider becoming responsible. Some people learned to believe that they loved themselves and remained happy. Many who could not love themselves because as Dr Spock would say "it's completely illogical", these people have difficulty and many of them opted out of life through some form of suicide.

Across Europe and in many parts of the world, the educated believers who have become confident in their beliefs welcome refugees because they see people needing shelter and not people harbouring conflicting and dangerous beliefs.

For anyone who has taken the trouble to look at the Islamic texts, it is abundantly clear that Islam is a political organisation aimed at world domination. So while the Swedes and other Europeans choose to believe that Islam is a religion of peace even though the actual word Islam means submit, belief is not knowledge and belief is one of the most dangerous ideologies.

A simple person by believing that they are unworthy may take their own life, a simple person who believes that the world is wrong may pick up a weapon and destroy others. The simple people who simply believe and have not bothered to do any research believe there is no ideological conflict between religions because God is one.

The problems in Sweden

Over the centuries Christianity has been slightly humanised. Although the Baptists and other Christian groups operate their own methods of Jihad in India and Africa, most of the Christian world is less serious about forceful conversion whereas Islam is fiercely dogmatic because everyone must convert or die.

So all those nice believing Europeans who believe that human nature will overcome even the darkest minds and continue to welcome refugees are committing suicide not only for themselves but for their entire society.

To understand what's going on, one must step back to take in the larger picture. One must read and understand the Islamic texts, one must understand that there are over 2 million Islamic soldiers in Europe all working towards that one goal: an Islamic Europe.

Unless the Europeans wake up and send the Muslims back to wherever they came from, Europe is doomed and it's certainly no place for a holiday. People choose to believe what is most convenient in terms of their immediate needs. This means that many people choose to believe that global warming is simply a matter, many people choose to believe that environmental destruction is nothing to do with them, many people choose to believe that Muslims can integrate into any Society, many people choose to believe that good will prevail which one must assume means some kind of sanity that will avert the next major mass extinction event that many scientists are predicting based on the actual evidence on hand.

When you look at the world realistically, we live in the most amazing  space, we are polluting our space and transforming it into something beyond recognition. This transformational process is destroying everything we recognise as life including ourselves.

Some of the things we have been led to believe make for a comfortable life, but false beliefs and comforts at the expense of others cannot last. Saudi Arabia, the home of Islam claims superiority to all Moslems and it is such a kind and generous country that refuses to take in any Muslims displaced by war or famine. It seems that the ruling classes of this world are so unhappy, so miserable and so afraid that instead of opting out of life and leaving the world to get along, they create the wars, they create the social inequity and impose suffering on all.

Wake up and smell the coffee, everything you believe is a fantasy.


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  • Simon

    Look around the world and the daily headlines prove that Europe is bursting at the seams with Islamists attempting to establish Sharia law and homegrown terror plots. France is ablaze with radicals, ISIS threatens they will send Spain back to the times of the Ottoman Empire, and Britain is much too concerned with appeasing Muslims that they are doing away with their own citizens’ free speech.

    The world is idly watching to see which European country will fall to Islamic rule, creating the first Muslim nation.

  • For all this success, the European project is currently teetering on the edge of failure. Growth is anemic at best and socio-economic inequality is on the rise. The countries of Eastern and Central Europe, even relatively successful Poland, have failed to bridge the income gap with the richer half of the continent. And the highly indebted periphery is in revolt.

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