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The Function and Morality of Clothing

The ways we dress and why

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Over these thousands of years we have moved from animal skin cloaks, through a long period of rough-sown garments and simple footwear to highly sophisticated clothing and footwear not only for protection from all manner of extreme conditions, but also to define our character, personal identity and role in life.

Anthropologists think that we humans began wearing clothing about 200,000 years ago as we became a distinct new species, but primarily clothing was to protect ourselves from the elements. It's quite obvious that we need layers of clothing when the weather it's cold, waterproof clothing when it rains, and when we are engaged in physical activities related to our work and survival, we need clothing to protect ourselves from harm.

There are still some societies around the world were clothing is not required and it's worn only for special occasions. As a society they don't have any issues with the human body and the modern invention we call morality.

In fact public nudity across the world was never an issue until the rise of the Abrahamic religions. Morals regarding the body became more of an issue under Protestantism because the Jewish, Christian and Islamic morality defined the body as sinful and shameful, and decreed that it should be kept hidden from anyone else's gaze less they admire the body of another person or feel some primal urge or desire for sex and confusion about morality.

One of the uncomfortable truths about being human is that we are born completely naked and whatever clothing and other stuff that we acquire during his lifetime, we leave it behind when we die. So we must ask if there is any validity in the secular viewpoints of Abrahamic religions and the latest quasi-religion known as political correctness?

Around year 0, Strophium or mammilare were early bras. Chitons were tunics that extended along the arm. Peplum were sleeveless tunics fastened with fibula. Both men and women wore them. Shorter versions, chitoniskos, were worn by shepherds and farmers. The Gaul and Germanic tribes, original "barbarians"before the word became derogatory, wore pants because it was practical to a colder environment. Romans occupying those regions adopted the braies because they were practical and protective.

An Islamic viewpoint using a child to present what it cannot understand is an abuse of the child.

Most Christians insist that the body should be covered up because it is shameful and might inspire some sinful behaviour. Most Moslems insist that girls and woman's bodies be covered up because Muslim men are unable to resist that primal urge to have sex because they know absolutely nothing about life.

Political correctness is not only about covering the body, but it about how the body is covered in different situations. In other words it is considered politically incorrect and offensive for someone to arrive at their work wearing pyjamas or a swim costume. Conversely it is considered rude to go to a fancy dress party dressed in one's normal everyday clothing.

There is something pathetically sick about moralists, those people who for any reason are offended by the human body, nudity and bodily functions. These are people who have failed to mature as human beings, they have yet to grow up and they use spiritual bullshit as an excuse to hide behind their pathetic beliefs.

Clothing is for protection from the elements of life, 
not the eyes of those who have
not yet learned self control and civilized behaviour.

Men are free to dress as they like

As human beings, this human body is the vehicle that defines us as human beings. What we call as the spirit, God or the creative principal exists inside every human body (as well as everything else in existence). Wherever you sit or stand reading this, your last meal is being converted into new body parts and energy for activity. This is the creative principal of life at work and it exists inside each and everyone of us. So to disrespect the body is to disrespect the creative principal because your body is a spiritual home.

The course you didn't create your body, it was made by the creative principal that we call God (or Allah in Aribic). This God made our bodies naked and if God was offended by his/her own creation, we would have been born wearing clothing. But in fact the outer covering of our body, our skin is a protective layer that keeps our insides in and prevents the outside from entering.

Moralists argue that the body is sinful and shameful, but wait a moment, this applies mostly to women because moralists belong to a patriarchal society where men rule and in some places, women are seen as being of less worth than animals. (In 2016 women were classified as ‘mammals’ in Saudi Arabia)

To any intelligent person it seems abhorrent that so many people could despise women including their sisters and mothers yet still claim claim moral superiority. This really is a sickness and a failure to become a responsible human being. Within Islam especially, women had very few rights and they are only allowed to expose their bodies in the husband's bed whereas he is allowed to have sex when ever and with whoever he likes. So women are essentially slaves to care for his house and raise his children.


A woman or girl dressed like this within an Islamic culture would probably be raped and executed. In the West none are concerned.

Currently with the flood of Islamic refugees into Europe, European women who have enjoyed an unprecedented amount of social and political freedom for the past 50 years are being forced to become far more conservative in their appearance because the uneducated Muslim men who have absolutely no respect for women are likely to rape and kill them. This could well be one of the first steps in a major European Civil War even though there's nothing civil about it.

When you remember that we wear clothing as protection, we should not have to wear clothing as protection from other people and one of the insanities of Islamic fashion is that instead of dressing lightly for comfort and climatic conditions, women are expected to be covered from head to toe and virtually unrecognisable as human beings.

2000 years of morality has done great deal of damage to the world, we have achieved remarkable things in science and technology, we have never been as physically comfortable at any time in history as we are today, yet there is this tremendous movement taking place to sensor women out of existence.

The movement is Islamic and the Moslems have made a promise to take over the world. On the international stage, most politicians still describe Islam is a religion of peace as they continue to ignore the rising rate of crime against women. But hold on, under Islam there is no crime against women because they are only possessions and as of March 2016, Pakistani men are lobbying the government to make it legal for them to execute their wives, sisters, daughters and other female family members for defying dress codes or otherwise displeasing them.

So here we have the idea that God created men and women, and please note that the idea of God creating women from one of man's ribs is a complete fabrication without any shred of truth. Men and women have the same number of ribs and it has been man and his small mindedness that were passed few thousand years has tried to suppress women by any means because he has not been able to best her in any real argument.

The women's dress code of the future

On a lighter note, men's dress over the generations has been remarkably uniform whereas women are more chameleon-like because they can morph from one character into another through the clothes they wear.

When they have taken care of their bodies or are simply enjoying the flush of freedom before marriage, they can explore being many different characters. When they wear less, intelligent men are genuinely appreciative because they know they are key to life.

On a deeper spiritual level, the man who can turn and look inwards comes to know that Divine feminine aspect within his own character which makes him more of a real man who was free to stand for truth and justice whereas the man who cannot look in is the man who is always jumping at shadows and is disrespectful towards women.

In a free, fair and just world, clothing must remain optional as free thought and free speech. No one has a right to apply mandatory dress codes, this must be agreed to from free will.


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