The Great Game

And the failure we call civilisation

powerConsider for a moment the larger scale of existence, in terms of the universe we are insignificant specks of life in some far off corner of some remote galaxy, yet we take ourselves incredibly seriously. When it comes to life in our local environment, we give ourselves rights and privileges, and sometimes these rights and privileges are inclusive of others but are all too often exclusive.

There have been times when civilisations have been inclusive giving rise to a sense of heaven on earth, but more often than not, individuals and communities have been exclusive giving rise to conflict and suffering. When we existed as small tribal groups and the human population of the planet was less than 10 million, we had an insignificant impact on the environment and each other.

However over the past 10,000 years, our population has grown steadily. Until about 2000 years ago our environmental footprint was minuscule compared to the devastation we're causing the planet today. But somehow humanity needs to not only understand the correlation between what is happening on the planet and what is happening in their own minds, and everyone needs to understand something of the nature of existence or the laws of nature and to act according to that knowledge.

There are groups of people around the world who do know and live accordingly, but these people are the fringe dwellers who have little in the way of economic, social or political influence.

The world's status is one of fear, confusion and destruction even though we have the technology and resources for every human being and indeed all life to experience the best of life and what might be called a heavenly existence.

10,000 years ago many people were living in small tribes as hunter gatherers but there are also elements of civilisation as agriculture and city states began to grow. Back then, India was the hub of intelligence sharing what is today known as Sanatana Dharma. This was all about creating a pleasant physical existence and the observation of the nature of life so that human existence would be continually enhanced. This influence spread around the world but the further away from India, the weaker the transmission and it corrupted into religion.

But for most people's, the biggest challenge was that of physical survival from which grew the importance of "I" or the individual leading to the separation of aspects of the individual self and the separation of one's self as an individual from the collective. In terms of psychology this gave rise to the sense that I'm only okay when you follow my command and believe as I do. Of course it is this separation within self that gives rise to needs and (false) beliefs as a panacea to fear and anxiety.

Note that religion is a systemic way of believing and justifying behaviour which became formalised under Judaism then spread into Christianity and Islam like a virus corrupting the minds of all but those naturally gifted to perceive the truth of existence. Under the guise of religion, the seers were often executed if they were not corrupted by delusions of power and grandeur.

Then comes the age of European exploration inspired by self-righteousness and backed with the latest military technology. Through the use of deadly force and disease coupled with all manner of lies and deceit's, they forcibly took control of the world exterminating indigenous populations and destroying the possibility for heaven on earth.

It is one of the greatest tragedies that so many people think that they can control the world and believe that until they do so, they cannot be happy and indeed they are so deluded that they believe that only when the world is shaped the way they want it, then everyone can also be happy.

This is evident in colonialism but it's much more evident in the imperialism spearheaded by the USA today. The USA is like a three-year-old child in preschool that cannot be happy until it has all the toys under its control and that no one else has a right to be happy unless they first appease the leadership of the USA.

This is why the world has known an endless war, and this is a mental illness which in the (2016) US election campaign has become much more clearly evident. The explosive growth of communications technology has enabled governments to eavesdrop on the thoughts, activities and communications of every citizen but it has also enabled the citizens to see exactly what their governments are doing.

As in the game of chess, this struggle for power and dominance has been going on for a long time, but now the world can see the nature of the game. Of course many people refused to look in case they get offended or in case their beliefs on which their security is dependent are compromised.

All nations are playing the game and all nations are infiltrated by other nations as well as political institutions looking to elevate their status and influence over the world. A few years ago the movie series Star Wars was a huge commercial success, yet it's also a mirror to the games that are going on in the world today.

When we look at humanity as an organism and in terms of the planet, we are like a virus without clarity or purpose because it is continually destroying parts of itself as well as the environment it depends on for its continued existence. The eventual outcome is complete annihilation.

When we look at the game in terms of the major players, the USA is the most dominant and yet it is also the most fragile. It has expended its resources to rape and pillage the world since its inception, resources it has taken largely by theft from other countries and been turned into weapons of further aggression.

So today we have USA and its geopolitical extension NATO with military bases surrounding Russia and China while the US funds proxy wars around the world so that it can keep on selling guns and stealing resources. If we take the Philippines as an example, it has four military bases there and in return for Philippines compliance to the American will, the Americans are supposed to be supporting the Philippine economy.

But as elsewhere in Asia and the countries they occupy, the US does very little to support local economies, it only funds those who support the US most loudly and millions of people continue to live in abject poverty. In contrast China which has now surpassed the USA as an economic power, spreads its influence through building infrastructure in foreign countries as well as some subterfuge.

It is not possible to enumerate all the goings-on because while the USA is trying to contain Russia and China, destroy all middle eastern infrastructure and weaken governments around the world so that it can dominate, the churches and religious movements are also running their own subterfuge programs with the Baptists still shipping arms into India so that they can forcefully occupy regions and while we think of India, Islam is trying to take over and China wants to dismantle the Indian states into separate countries because despite its massive size and power, it wants to dominate. Lets hope it doesn't emulate the US.

It seems that there are a few countries who simply want to live in peace, it has become a competition for everyone to try and dominate each other and steal what they can. While this is all going on at a global level, you might remember the idea of trickle-down economics. This is where governments by giving tax breaks to the rich earnestly believe that the rich would spend more money and that money would trickle down to those who needed it most. Unfortunately, this never happened. All the money trickles from the bottom to the top and those at the top decided that they no longer needed anyone else and they have continued to play their own eco-political games at the expense of entire populations.

daeshThose political games are about the acquisition of power and control of the world's resources including people. These are the people who administer the deviant behaviour that keeps the world in such turmoil and suffering. But it is this behaviour that trickles down fuelling the discontent, sickness and the crime waves that sweep over every city and town further corrupting the minds of the people.

One might think that the people would stand up to this, but they are kept in a state of compliant delusion and the flipside of our modern communications technology is that people are flooded with too much information that it cannot be processed and the people cannot make rational decisions concerning their own lives let alone cooperating to elect responsible officials.

Chinese plan to break India
John Pilger


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