The Healing Power of Orgasm

Fact or fiction?

bigoThere is no general consensus as to the reason we orgasm or any agreement as to what it actually does. We know that it floods the body with some feelgood chemicals and that it's a deeper sexual experience which helps to facilitate social bonds.

There is some debate as to whether or not the male ejaculation counts as an orgasm or if it is simply a release mechanism for accumulated stress, but there is no doubt that orgasms are very important for women, so much so that in the 1700s and 1800s, masturbation became a commonly used treatment for what men called women's hysteria.

There is no doubt that life can be very frustrating and good sex either alone or with a partner is incredibly satisfying. For men, the simple act of masturbation and ejaculation is so enjoyable and beneficial that an entire industry has grown up around it, namely the rub and tug massage.

Because the health industry is dominated by men, in particular the doctors of 200 years ago who found it rather boring to masturbate women to climax came up with the idea of the vibrator so that women could in affect service themselves.

The different independent ways in which men and women satisfy their most basic of sexual does little to cement the bonds of relationships or for that matter the coherence of society.  The results of surveys have shown that the majority of married men indulge in sexual activity independently of their marriage partner and this trend is also increasing amongst women.

However there is a consensus amongst people who have pleasurable sexual experiences that good sex and in particular a good orgasm leaves them feeling in a state of euphoria or in love for days after the event.

From the perspective of holism as found in the medical science of Ayurveda and a yogic understanding of life, the orgasm floods the body with chemicals that helps to balance and optimise the physical chemistry of the body as well as rebalancing the mind in a similar way to rebooting a computer when it is not functioning well.

Amongst holistic health health practitioners, there is a notion, an idea that has taken root and began to flourish that a full body massage that includes massaging me the genitalia of men and women helps to restore health and well-being. while the men have always had the opportunity to indulge in a rub and tug massage, this has often been performed by untrained and unskilled practitioners.

Typically men find themselves being attended by young women providing this service because it is the only job they can find. Anyone that is doing a job they dislike is not going to do it very well and the effect is that guys get a poor quality massage and a hand job that may last no more than half an hour. They get some sexual relief that helps them to feel good for a few hours maybe, but because the treatment has been incomplete, the positive effects are minimal.

However men and women who have a holistic massage treatment that lasts between one and two hours and treats their entire body is far more therapeutic and the benefits even if they don't proceed toward an orgasm actually provide huge benefits.

With tantra massage as the service is often called, new clients spend some time in conversation with the therapist about their life issues. Then they may take a shower or sit in a hot tub together which is also a good place to discuss any life issues. Then the treatment takes place on the massage bed, quite often with both the client and therapist being completely naked.

Full nudity makes the occasion more intimate and open so that a level of trust is quickly developed. Then the entire body is expertly massaged from tip to toe including the genitals. With genital massage, ejaculation and release is not the immediate goal, the goal is more about integrating the person as a single entity to help them to feel more complete and self-aware.

Some of these treatments will include masturbation to the point of orgasm and it is here that the orgasm becomes a more powerful healing experience that can be stronger and more balanced throughout the body than the orgasm gained through shared sexual activity with one's spouse or sexual partner.

These treatments for men which are typically carried out by a female therapist not only help to deal with the immediate stress factors in their lives, it helps them to become more effective decision-makers and ultimately more successful in their lives. It helps to balance their temperament so they become less reactive and less likely to resort to violence to resolve their issues.

Treatments for women followed a similar pattern and they may be performed by men or other woman. One of the most beneficial outcomes for women is that it helps them to trust themselves and others in a way where they can still be soft and vulnerable and yet be in charge the same time. There have been spectacular healings for woman who have been sexually abused but this form of therapy has many other positive spin-off's including increased fertility.

Because so many of our diseases (about 70%) begin and are maintained by mental processes, these orgasmic treatments support recovery from all manner of diseases including migraine, obesity, diabetes, arthritis, impotency, infertility and so much more.

In the USA, such treatments are illegal in some states unless one is a licensed sex therapist, but unfortunately sex therapists do not always have a holistic background and education. Typically what they often end up doing as happens so much within the supportive medical professions, is they push people back and help them to contain themselves within the context their own suffering.

From a holistic perspective, the practice of yoga and meditation is liberating. The practice of whole-body and what may be loosely defined as tantra massage is liberating and deeply healing. It is only through liberation that healing can take place at a root level and the human organism is a mechanism that releases the healing chemistry of the body and resets the mind closer to how nature intended.


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