The Heart of Yoga

Shiva, Parvati - purusha - prakriti

In cosmic understanding, Siva contains the potentiality of existence and Shakti is the force that stirs creative action. Respectively Siva is termed male and Shakti as female.

At an earthly level Shiva is the masculine reflection of creation and Parvati the female yet both are concepts of wonderment not to be understood, but celebrated.

In a similar way Purusha is the witness to creation, uninvolved and associated with the soul of mankind, an energy less active whereas Prakriti is the ever changing material universe.

These are key scientific concepts said to have been formulated by the Samkhya school of yoga thousands of years ago. They refer to the primal matter with three different innate qualities (Guṇas) whose equilibrium is the basis of all observed empirical reality.

Prakriti contrasts with Purusha which is pure awareness and Prakriti refers to the feminine aspect of all life forms, and more specifically women are seen as symbols of Prakriti.

The modern audience associated with mind and ego seeks to understand it the mind is too small to understand such vast concepts. Yet these concepts are not so vast that they cannot be experienced as attested to by those who have walked the path of yoga and tasted these concepts as truths that also serve to liberate the soul.

The soul only needs liberated because it is being held hostage by the mind and the ego and in the video below, you would be greatly privileged to hear Sadhguru further eliminate these points in this special episode of Vaibhav Shiva, and eight day retreat by already accomplished yogis.

I strongly recommend that you have an hour of free time and turn off all distractions before playing this video.

The video below contains some of the healing chants of Shiva to help consolidate what you have learned from Sadhguru's video above.


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