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Promotional ideas from WTM have been appearing in my Facebook feed so I spent some time reading and listening to their ideas which I find find noble and liberating. There is no doubt a major transformation is necessary to prevent the total destruction of our species yet our elected leaders continue to play lip service to our troubles while engaging more deeply in games of destruction.

Unfortunately the intellect can only grasp so much and is therefore limited. The human mind is indeed like a computer so badly programmed that it barely functions as it should and instead it’s continually scheming to obtain temporary happiness by whatever means. The problems we have stem from enculturated beliefs, belief in an unverifiable God, belief in a democracy that is more charade in global terms. To understand the workings of politics, we should refer back to the old BBC TV series ‘Yes Minister’ in addition to all the leaks that prove modern politics are so farcical.

We are governed by capitalism, an ideological game of ‘winner takes all’ while playing lip service to the truth of life. It works simply by taking something, converting it into what someone else wants and having them either buy it outright or to become a slave in order to possess the idea or thing which is not necessarily important for life. In the process, we have a huge increase in debt slavery, social inequity and environmental destruction.

Not all minds can grasp these ideas especially when they are enslaved to a religion or other ideology and the only real way to understand this is through meditation which helps to clean the windows of the soul enabling truer vision. The modern capitalistic/democratic/religious ideal is centred around acquisition and even happiness is something that must be purchased in happiness and joy are inherent to the human condition that everyone possesses you suppresses for idealistic reasons or to put it simply, they have been brainwashed.

Here I should mention that everyone needs a hero and the entertainment industry is full of imaginary heroes as is our carefully scripted history confirming the belief that modern humanity is a product of nature and we have no choice but to accept that we live in this materialistic quagmire that is such a nightmare to many. History certainly needs to be rewritten to reflect the truth and this has been my personal endeavour giving rise to perceptions about the nature of human existence in loose cord with WTM.

As I said, the intellect is not capable of fully understanding without some deep meditation. In meditation one transcends body and mind which are servants of the soul and reconnects one with the nature of being human, an inclusive state recognising that we are part of life and must act in accord with life.

A brief history lesson: some 14,000 years ago a gentleman who is commonly referred to as Shiva decoded the complete nature of being human implying that we humans are the most sophisticated lifeforms on this planet. We are biological organisms and you can say that we are a very sophisticated piece of technology yet down of us have ever read the operators manual.

This operators manual was given by Shiva and integrated by seven extremely gifted individuals who traversed the world sharing this knowledge. Within India this knowledge and wisdom became known as Sanatana Dharma, a system of living in harmony with life where every individual had the freedom to achieve maximum happiness. Buddha took a more intellectual approach and simplified this ideology enabling more people to appreciate but it is Sanatana Dharma has made India such an enduring nation.

Within Snantana Dharma or Buddhist Dharma there is a movement to be inclusive and accepting. With the rise of Islam, the Buddhists paid a heavy price and the sword of Islam chopped off many millions of Buddhist heads were as Sanatana Dharma was better able to defend itself and I think this is where the WTM needs to look for a deeper insight and to not be dissuaded by the anti-India, the anti-Hindu propaganda that features so commonly in the media and puffed up public opinion.

Hinduism and Buddhism require no beliefs, they are step-by-step guides to greater understanding of the human condition and revealing the happiness that we can only find within ourselves.

Followup Letter:

I would like to point out the text on page The-rise-of-pseudo-idealism

"Others went from the Steppes to the Iranian plateau, and from here some groups trekked east over the Hindu Kush mountains to north India. These people, the Aryans, would bestow their social institutions on the Indian subcontinent and spawn a unique spiritual culture, Hinduism. "

From my research over the past 40 years and the cumulative research of a great many people, the Aryan invasion into India theory or even Aryan migration has proved false. This is a reproduction of the British narrative to discredit India and bash Hinduism because it cannot be easily understood by outsiders and certainly not by intellects with any agenda. It has become increasingly clear to researchers like myself that India is indeed the mother of nations from which language and knowledge originated but as it moves further from the subcontinent, it becomes distorted which is not helped by neglecting to mention the development of a patriarchal society, money and an inversion of the class structure.

That Indo-European language from the 2011 BBC documentary is grossly inaccurate as are the opinions of Time-Life History who are anti Hindu - a legacy of the British East India Company who despite doing everything they could to break India failed and they have never forgiven India for that.

We must remember and give credit to India and particularly the mystics from a tradition more accurately known as Sanatana Dharma that is more commonly referred to as Hinduism. We must remember that Hindu is a geographical region (formerly Hindustan which incorporated much of Persia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Tibet, the Indian subcontinent and most of Southeast Asia). What people call Hinduism today in many places has become a belief system like any other ism, yet at its heart is a very profound technology, a handbook if you like on how to be human.

It is from this ancient tradition that goes back at least 14,000 years that the flush toilet was invented around 9000 BC along with settled urban life. It is from these beginnings that knowledge spread west and east to be reinterpreted and adapted. It is from India we get our language, our numbers, our science and medicine contained within an elastic social structure referred to as Varna. Within Varna, at the top of the social structure were the wise, a leadership based on ancient principles (Vedanta) who directed life according to the Dharma which gave the maximum possible number of people the opportunity to seek enlightenment and the ultimate freedom from suffering. Next was the warrior class whose role was to protect the Dharma and the population from adversity. Then there were the workers who got things done in such a way they had social time, spiritual time and for the majority life was pleasant. At the bottom of the ladder were the merchants and traders all living harmoniously with balance between the sexes. There was the opportunity for merchants to become spiritual teachers and for soldiers to become merchants et cetera.

Patriarchal society began to develop around 4000 BC in Persia when some uppity king decided he was right and everyone, especially women were wrong and this resulted not only in women becoming second-class citizens but money was also coming into more common use at this time and men began to discover they could buy their way through life marking the beginning of capitalism. To my mind it is these two factors, patriarchy and capitalism that have caused today's crisis referred to as pseudo-idealism which is not based on any reality - just ideas.

Unfortunately in today's world the idea of Hinduism has been so tarnished by the British and even modern so called Hindu experts like Sheldon Pollack who have taken the trouble to learn Sanskrit misrepresent the documents they are translating. So I am suggesting here that some of your documentation needs to be checked for accuracy, especially in relation India and your portrayal of history to support your credibility.

I made a point on one of your pages that the intellect is not capable of understanding concepts like Sanatana Dharma until such time as one meditates deeply enough to actually identify oneself as a soil with a mind and body rather than identifying oneself as the personality which is an aspect of mind and delusional.

A point of advice here is look to India and the tradition of Sanatana Dharma, the idea of yoga and the perfected human being who has overcome all his or her limitations. This involves meditation and meditation is simply an inward relaxation. Yoga, Buddhism and Hinduism are tools at our disposal, they require no belief and are scientific in nature because you can take the ideas and test them in your own life. Then if they work great, if they don't then you need to ask way did not work when they have worked for countless millions of people.

The information on your site seems to imply that you are taking an intellectual approach and seeking to re-engineer the minds of those willing to appreciate a greater truth in life so as to be able to function as a more normal and perhaps saner individual. This work is of course vital, as a civilisation we desperately need to change our thinking. I think you will find that your ideas and Sanatana Dharma are mutually supportive and can help each other.

Sanatana Dharma and what some refer to as the path of yoga help to reveal one's internal nature in relation to life and the mind self corrects. With your approach, logic and reason can take you so far although I don't know if you can save the world. The ancient masters say we should first change ourselves and encourage others to change for only then will the world change.

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