The Importance of Sex

In today's insane world

Lets kiss

When we consider relationships, affairs, one-night stands, emergency sex and marriages, what is the right way to go? All these words mean more or less the same, a type of emotional link between two persons. The differences lie in the time the two spend together, how they relate in what they do together and in the details that give a distinct personality to their relationship.

In most cases, the thing that brings two persons together is physical attraction, a chemistry which is sooner or later followed by the complex dance of passion. Most lasting relationships are built around qualities that matter in the long run. The things that can still keep two people together after the initial infatuation with each other has passed.

A full belly and financial security are essential for most, trust, honesty, respect, sensitivity, shared likes and dislikes are the building blocks of any relationship. Sex is another building block, since the physical side of a relationship needs to be reinforced and reaffirmed time and again.

Sex is the strongest binding element of most relationships. While the initial passion may run its course and die to be replaced by other things, typically the early years of marriage are characterised by frequent sex which is a form of bonding. Here a couples energies become more harmonised and intuition becomes complimentary although intuition develops within Platonic relationships.

Over time, the eagerness is replaced by a more experienced approach to each other's needs and wishes. Partners with years of sex behind them usually have a through knowledge of each other's responses to stimulation and can choose if they are sufficiently conscious how they want to relate. These people know very well the importance of sex for the overall health of their life together.

When sex goes stale the entire relationship is at risk. Routine, stress, greener pastures, the daily exposure to beauty standards and other temptations of the modern world can make people forget how important the physical relation to their partners is.

As we live in a patriarchal cultural environment where men typically are not good at expressing their feelings, that often falls to the woman to hold everything together. At this juncture couples quite often go their separate ways only to rediscover with the new partner that those same problems that caused the separation still exist within themselves.

While some married couples have platonic relationships based around intellectual matters, for those who see themselves ideally in a marriage situation, when that real intimacy begins to fade it can be supported by various yoga and meditation practices.

It is only through yoga/meditation that one can transcend the limiting and divisive ideas that drive people apart. Counselling sometimes helps and individuals can at times turnover a new leaf yet to break down in a relationship signifies a spiritual emergency.



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