The Karma of Technology

Will we pay a price for our pleasure and conveniences?

In most families, children are taught and encouraged to do their share to help maintain families and communities. This is natural and they can take pride in their contribution. But in the situation that has become more prevalent in the modern world is that children are being forced into lives of hard labour to help maintain adults who should know better in lives of privilege.

This is one of the darker sides of capitalism where in the case of mining, minerals are taken/stolen from the earth and much of the labour is performed by children were often paid so little that they remain perpetually malnourished and are constantly abused.

It's not only mining, even slightly more affluent societies children are kidnapped, they are blinded or crippled and put on the streets as big as to earn money for the master who aspires to a glamorous lifestyle yet no one who treats children in this way qualifies as being human.

With the minerals that come from the that are essential for our modern technology and we use on a daily basis, can we even acknowledge our own involvement as end users?

Those people who are severely challenged to find enough to eat may be excused from this discussion because they're suffering and their hunger what may well be as result of some karma on their part is caused by the more affluent who aspire to greater levels of material comforts and conveniences.

It seems probable that very few people know what goes into creating now modern technology or even the food they eat everyday. Food comes from the supermarket and all our technological gadgets come from some shop or marketplace.

The inventors and the promoters of our technology are often held in high regard yet so few have any consideration that behind all this technology and development are armies of child labourers as young as four years old. They are suffering starvation diets, minimal education beyond the requirements of basic survival and a life characterised by hard labour, brutality and a premature death because many don't survive for long.

What is the karma for those whose lives of privilege are so dependent on the suffering of others?


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