The legacy of Colonialism

A grand deception and a corruption of knowledge

According to wikipedia and many dictionaries, (1.) Colonialism is the policy of a nation seeking to extend or retain its authority over other people or territories, generally with the aim of developing or exploiting them to the benefit of the colonizing country. Then it says (2.) "and helping the colonies modernize in terms defined by the colonizers, especially in economics, religion and health."

Europe was the last region of the world to become civilised and armed with snippets of knowledge from other places they put their minds to trying to make themselves appear better, smarter than anyone else yet the behaviour of taking over someone else's lands and possessions is a criminal activity born out of misplaced desire and greed.

The first aspect of taking from others is primitive tribalism in action and is sometimes a consequence of overpopulation, drought and other environmental factors that push peoples off their lands and because they want to survive, they simply take over through conflict or other methods of persuasion to ensure their own survival. In this respect humans are no different than animals.

But in the second aspect when it comes to helping the colonised modernise and in some way perhaps improve the quality of life, this has no basis in fact. It is only a form of pacification to keep a conquered people from rising up against the ruling class who are typically the occupiers of the country who brainwash the population into compliance.

In this eye opening Talk about impacts of colonialism, celebrated mathematician Dr. C K Raju talks about the myth that ‘Discovery of India’ by Vasco Da Gama. He talks about how we still think from the perspective of the colonizers like the Portuguese and the British when we say that they ‘discovered’ India, like India never existed before their ‘discovery’.

C K Raju comes up to contradict the claim that Da Gama even discovered the route to India too. It is with the help of an Indian navigation, Kanak and his instrument ‘kamal’ or ‘rapalgai’ with which Da Gama ‘discovered’ the route to India. Da Gama did not discover any route to India. The sea route from Africa to India was known to the navigators from both of these places. He then gives examples to illustrate that the sea route to India was known to Alexander’s armies, to the Roman Army and much before that even in the times of the Harappan civilization.

According to a dominant belief in Christianity, the first Christian to see a land becomes its owner. In 1823, this dogma was a part of US law! Hence "Red Indians" had lost their right to land in Americas after being "discovered" by Christians. The dogma of Christianity led Christians to genocide and enslave non-Christians. The Native Americans were exterminated en masse by the Christians. Millions upon millions were killed. Indians in India survived this genocide because India was superior in military skills and Da Gama was not match for Vijaynagar Empire and Mughal Empire.

This is what the Christians meant by ‘discovery’. C K Raju laments that this myth of discovery is still being taught in Indian schools perpetrating the falsehood, falsifying history and most importantly hiding the crimes of Christianity. He also talks about other appropriations of discovery and inventions of other non-Christian civilizations which the European Christians stole.

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C.K Raju has authored several books, proposing a tilt in the arrow of time, and a new theory of gravitation in physics, and zeroism in math. He was the first to show that calculus developed in India and was transmitted to Europe in the 16th c. where it was misunderstood.

C.K. Raju on Youtube


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