The Mini Skirt

A freedom and celebration of legs

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Way back during the Roman era it was the men who wore miniskirts and because it was colder in Scotland, the Scotsman wore kilts. For the modern woman the age of the miniskirt developed back in the 1950s as a new sense of freedom evolved perhaps echoing the sheer and translucent gowns of the flapper era.

As a baby and as babies still do I was told that when I learned to walk, I had a natural aversion to clothing and mum often told tales of me at bath time running naked and when I learned to dress myself or perhaps I should say and dress myself, I would often be found naked in the garden and sometimes even the neighbours gardens because we didn't have much in the way of fences in those days.

Eventually I succumbed to the threats and get my clothes on when I went to school but I loathed the imposition of clothing. I was fortunate then that we moved further out into the country and during the summer which was most of the year the young men wore short shorts that could have been the original hotpants and it wasn't uncommon to see the occasional testicle or penis hanging out. Well I had to dress properly school, after school and on the weekends I insisted on wearing very short skirts much as the two girls pictured here.

My girlfriends and I would often go off by ourselves into the small piece of wilderness or to the nearby beach and go skinny-dipping or walking as we talked about life. I loved wearing miniskirts without knickers and most often a blouse tight across under my boobs because I loved the air circulating up between my legs and the freedom of movement. There were quite a few occasions when we were seen by adults and told to go home and dress. So I grew up loving this freedom of short skirts and no underwear. I had discovered that initially a few boys had trouble keeping their hands themselves and I held them off for a couple of years but I more often enjoyed flirting. It's like they knew I was bare underneath so it shifted the game and made life more enjoyable.

I was fit and healthy, and I knew how to stand up for myself so when we moved to the city I saw no need to change. I was stuck wearing a school uniform and like most girls I wore it as short as I could get away with and often went without any underwear except when I was having my periods because hardly anybody knew. The boys at my school were rather obnoxious so I avoided them and I dated some boys from another school before I chanced to meet a girl working as an escort who gave some good advise. I started having sex soon after my first period and I think my grandmother suspected so she got me on the contraceptive pill.

From where I was at then, some kids studied together some competed in different sports and while I participated those things I also enjoyed having sex but it was only those who knew me that intimately who knew about my difference of underwear. My life continued like that, short skirts even in winter even when it was snowing I didn't care, my legs got a bit cold for sure but I made sure I kept my torso warm and to avoid the boys with a one track mind I did lots of outdoor stuff and hung out with men some of them also wore shorts through the winter.

Over the years I got lots of scratches, scrapes and a few thorns but they all healed up without any problems. During summer vacation when I was fifteen I went back to the farming district and spent the break working with a farmer. His wife called me Lily Longlegs because my skirts just covered my bum and she never said anything about my absence of underwear although there were numerous times when I bent over she must have noticed. The farmer was a sweetie and he put his hand between my legs a few times when we were alone together. I didn't react, I just wiggled my toosh and let him know I was willing and that was enough for him because he had this deal (marriage) going with his wife.

You could say that I'm a survivor, at forty-seven years of age I still wear miniskirts most of the time although there are occasions when I wear jeans or long skirts but I love seeing girls in their very short skirts and boys in their short shorts because they reflect the vibrancy of youth and a natural sense of freedom.  If you enjoy having flirting and having sex, short skirts and no underwear certainly facilitates that. These days miniskirts have Velcro ties but over the years I've found that the miniskirt fits into any social situation. A skirt that comes down to mid thigh works in any social situation but for the outdoors, the beach or partying, shorter is better and as long as your bottom bits are clean, panties are unnecessary.

To me the short skirt represents the girl who knows her own mind and knows how to respond to life. She is certainly not shy and she could address an audience as well naked as dressed. If you are girl wearing a miniskirt, please don't be a prick teaser and the guys want to touch between your legs, it's no big deal and you need to learn how to deal with that in such a way that they don't turn against you.

Contributed by Brenda Marks, a natural born country girl trapped in the city but refusing to surrender her joys and freedoms.


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