The Nature of Affairs

Is it human nature or perversion?


Can I make anything clearer?

Within the fold of human relationships, the monogamous marriage has taken precedence within the world and while people marry for all the right reasons and the best of intentions, sometimes they cannot prevent themselves from having what are referred to as illicit relationships.

Monogamy or any relationship for that matter is a social convenience and not a law of nature. If we look at the statistics relating to marriage, around 80% admit to some form of infidelity be it entertaining the idea of being intimately involved with another person who is not one's marriage partner, we can be reasonably well assured that there is not one person existing within a marriage who has not felt intimately attracted to another person.

Statistics do very within different cultures and social classes. It is said that in upper middle class and rich communities, as many as 8% of all babies born are fathered by someone other than marriage partner and this figure increases to over 30% in the lower socio-economic communities. Other statistics indicate that at least one third of all men and women actually engage in some form of physical infidelity and nearly everyone thinks about it.

Typically people think about affairs as being either purely sexual or involving various levels of mental and emotional infidelity. These affairs arise because people have certain levels of expectation and belief that they have learned and yet in reality, these guiding principles that we were taught in school or are imposed by various social institutions can never be one size fits all.

Monogamy is simply about the creation of a stable society in which to raise children, it this doesn't work because civilisation itself is an experiment gone wrong and whatever relationships we do form only ever temporary although monogamy is seen as the best solution for raising families in the world's moral climate.

As human beings we are continually evolving and our physical, mental and emotional needs are constantly changing in response to the flow of life around us or sometimes the stifling of life which is one of the key driving factors that inspires people to seek consolation or expression beyond the marriage unit.

The stories in this section are about people's affairs and many are explicitly sexual, some are completely true as described by someone involved or they may be invented to illustrate some of these points. You are most welcome to send an your story or just give feedback on the form below.


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