The New Face of Sexism

The perverse logic that women are always right

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After an incident on June 6, 2016 a man was later convicted (march 2018) in Belgium of sexism in a public place for the first time sparking fresh debate about sexism and a call for similar new laws in other countries.

Before jumping in, lets remember that sexism or gender discrimination is a prejudice or discrimination based on a person's sex or gender but it mostly pertains to control, contempt, negativity or hostility towards women and girls. According to Belgium law, sexism is defined as “every gesture or deed” that is “clearly meant to express contempt of a person based on sex,” or considers a person inferior based on sex, or reduces a person solely to a sexual dimension, and which “gravely affects the dignity of that person as a result.” Violation of the law can lead to a prison sentence of up to one year and a fine of up to €10,000.

Now back to the incident; the man was reported as saying to a female police officer, "Shut your mouth, I don’t talk to women, being a police officer is not a job for women.” Later in his defence the man claimed to be the victim of discrimination “because of his dark skin colour.”

Clearly this man is mentally deranged and Europe has recently been flooded with millions of refugees, Jihad and opportunistic migrants to whom women are no more than animals. So being rude to a police officer by telling her to shut her mouth is a criminal offence in most countries and has further comment that he didn't talk to women was saying that a woman should not be a police officer is secondary although one cannot determine how the court perceived that.

No society wants people like this and if they can't be re-educated to become responsible citizens then they need a stronger incentive to at least abide by the law and have a modicum of human decency.

The new face of sexism

Actually, it's an old face and part of the ongoing battle between the sexes that's been going on for millennia released since the beginning of patriarchal society. With the arrival of the patriarchy, men thought they knew best and that women should be keeping house, having babies and raising the kids while the men enjoyed the fruits of life and worked a little as suited them.

After 2000 years of Christianity influenced perhaps by the spread of Hindu Dharma and better communication around the world, women began to seek liberation. They won the right to vote and to have a public voice but that doesn't necessarily mean that they are true feminists. Any woman who wants to succeed in the corporate world is may be a woman and appearance, but she must function from her masculine side to be successful because patriarchal society is all about competition, capitalism and winning at almost any cost.

The true feminism has little to do with physical gender, it is about respecting and celebrating the essence of life and ensuring a stable and nurturing place for the children growing now and those yet to be born. The patriarchal masculinity that dominates the world has no concern of this and it has become so large and so rotten that there may not be a world for those yet to be born.

The idea that women are always right even when they are wrong as portrayed by Cathy Areu presents an interesting twist of logic that comes from an aggressive masculine point of view and has nothing to do with feminism. It portrays itself as being feminist and anti-sexist yet its basis is purely sexist.

Movements like #MeToo and Cathy Areu's views are reactionary because we live in a world that quite literally has gone mad. It is ruled by capitalism which has no interest in anyone's quality of life other than the ruling class which of course is the westernised caste system which all adds to the anxiety caused by the general increase in poverty and social inequity that people can't quite understand because they seem to be able to afford more "stuff" yet the quality of life keeps deteriorating.

If you say you’re a feminist and make comments like:
“all men are bad”
“women are better than men” and
“all men should die”
You are NOT a feminist. You are a SEXIST so please stop calling yourself a feminist.

Over the past couple of years we have seen the increase in retrospective prosecution for offences against women yet we live in an age where it is often aggressive complaining and sometimes violent women who break the spirits of good men and push them over the edge into reactive aggression. In some countries it has actually been documented that women are more likely to assault their husbands than the other way around but it is almost always the husband who ends up in jail.

Yet this is all part of a grand game of smoke and mirrors orchestrated by the few who control the media and what you think. It is better not to get caught up in this game because as Cathy so aptly demonstrates, logic can go anywhere and sound so right when it's wrong. So many women today are subscribing to the idea that they are right about something when they don't have a clue like the Hollywood celebrities against President Trump and the witch-hunt against retrospective minor sex offenders where opinions justly or unjustly determine the outcome of prosecution.

We have a duty to ourselves to be kind but if you happen to be in a situation where kindness is impossible, at least be harmless and try not to take sides. By not taking sides, I mean don't get caught up in this media frenzy. If you see someone being mistreated, do what is appropriate to reduce the conflict but don't get yourself all tied up in knots about it.

The only way to know the truth of life is to meditate and recognise that within yourself you are a combination of masculine and feminine energy, and for you to function as a healthy human being these two energies must be in balance and you achieve this by knowing the divine feminine.

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