The New World Order

Will not be the paradise many imagine

halalEvery new generation imagines a utopian world of peace and happiness. This is one of the primary motivators to do anything in life because we'll have an inbuilt desire to excel, to do better and above all, to experience a great on us in terms of peace, happiness and joy.

This is a primary desire to not only survive, but to survive well which also means ensuring the survival of future generations. Unfortunately when such desire is built on the shaky foundation of ignorance and compounded by greed and stinginess, well we can see where that's got us.

You could say that in part the Industrial Revolution was generated by the desire for greater human well-being, but arguably the greater aspect that fuelled such creativity was the desire for wealth, power and prestige.

The unstable foundations of civilisation

As human beings, we have no idea where we came from and we have no idea where we are supposed to be going. One of the joys in life is in contemplation of this mystery and over countless generations the great meditators, the yogis and Buddha's came to understand the universe in ways which modern science is still struggling to understand.

The entire premise of western civilisation is in fact nothing to do with human well-being and a general sense. It is entirely about profit and the improved well-being of associates and those who can afford to pay the price, hence capitalism.

Before industrialisation, greed and the desire for power saw nations plunge into small wars with battles between armies where the civilians were by and large simply spectators up until the point that the Army protecting those people lost the war and populations were enslaved.

In more modern times, populations simply got crushed as vast regions became battlefields and it is from this carnage that the United Nations was born. The USA became the self appointed world policeman which rapidly became the strong arm than what is loosely defined as corporate America even though many of these corporations are global.

In consequence of capitalism and corporatisation, the need for profit became the primary reason for being which has caused untold suffering not only of the human population but of all life on earth to the extent that many predict that life on earth will be extinct before we get to 2120.

Today in 2016 we can consider the earth as being one civilisation made up of many societies which in turn are made up of many individuals. We are very diverse because we all have different ideas. But some people elevate their ideas so that they equate to rights above what other people think.

These differences in thinking represent the ideologies of religions, ideas that have no substance beyond offering a degree of social stability and a hierarchical power structure. As with capitalism where caste is decided by the difference between those who have and those who don't have, religions have the same caste system based in part on wealth and in part on intellectual cleverness.

In many ways, capitalism is like the brash American who believes he knows everything and is superior to everyone yet those with a little common sense see him as the king with no clothes. Unfortunately he is armed to the teeth and dangerous, so people are guarded in their criticism.

Religions claim that God made everything in the universe including us, yet they have absolutely no respect for the creation except as suits their dogma. The two major religions which are Christianity and Islam have been at war since the inception of Islam even though people don't like to acknowledge the fact.

On the world scene, Islam is something like the runt of the litter that missed out on a good education and cannot be happy until everyone believes as they do. Yet within Islam there are many factions who all believe that they are right and everyone else is wrong in terms of interpreting what they imagine to be God's will.

What is this God that they argue about?

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Any notion of God of course is completely indefinable but it is common to peoples all over the world that this indefinable something referred to as God created the universe and all life. This God is known by many names to help conceptualise the understanding so it can be spoken of.

The Christian Bible says that in the beginning there was the sound. This has been verified not only by Yogis on the Buddha's, but by modern science. Science has proven that everything in existence exists as a frequency or a vibration and the only difference between human skin and city pavement is the frequency of vibration.

Therefore God is God regardless of any other names applied and there is no possibility of there being a multitude of different gods other than those that we ourselves have created. This means that the God who created the Christian is the same God who created the Muslim and the atheist as well as the air you breathe and the planet we inhabit.

The fall from grace

In Hindu mythology, Shakti got Shiva's attention and on waking, he produced the universe. Shiva is simply another name for God, the creative principal from which all life emerges, but in Christian mythology we have the story of Adam and Eve.

But let's think from moment, what is grace? Grace if you like is the benevolence of the creation and the Creator. Grace facilitates life and the experience of life in a way that can transport one from suffering to peace and from peace to happiness. Grace is always there as is the creative principal, but we are usually too bogged down in our own minds to perceive it.

We could say that the universe came into being by the grace of God and therefore each and everyone of us is indebted to the creative principal by whatever name we call it. In the world of what is referred to as Hinduism, grace is always available because the Hindu mind has been trained to be receptive and it was never conflicted as the Judaean - Christian mind.

This shall we say Western mind has the idea of Adam and Eve as the first humans, but unfortunately Adam and Eve didn't exactly get on or see eye to eye. Then because Adam was physically a little stronger he decided that Eve was somehow less worthy even though she was intellectually and emotionally superior.

Like the men of today, they have difficulty articulating their feelings because they have rejected the feminine aspect of their own nature. But what is more insidious they blame this sense of inadequacy on the external Eve or the women in their lives.

It what we refer to as the civilised world, men have largely accepted the fact that they are not as good at expressing on a deep intellectual or emotive level and simply get on with life. This in part is because Western life is all about physical survival and modern man has little time to contemplate his existence.

World War three

This has been going on for a long time and in some ways, World War II never ended. Although Nazi Germany was defeated, much of the loot that was spirited out of Germany became the seed money for the world's multinational corporations who are now achieving what Adolf Hitler failed to do.

Islam and Christianity compete with each other for converts and the more converts they get equates to more money in their coffers. But the other big player is corporate America and the US military industrial machine that is going to make the world the way they want it whatever the cost.

The majority of the world's population lives in slavery, most of it is debt slavery and today most Western students leave college or university with a level of debt that may take them 10 or 20 years to clear. So the students are shackled with debt, the middle classes are shackled with debt and the rich have a little more freedom yet they live in fear that their wealth will be stolen.

The consequences of beliefs and world war three is the destruction of the environment which few governments did little more than pay lip service to. But religious groups seem to care even less and now the race is on to see who was going to be the last human left alive.

Christianity is racing hand-in-hand with capitalism to enslave what has been referred to as the Third World well capitalism and the US military industrial machine continues to wreck havoc across the Islamic world. There is no admission and no real plan beyond using fear to stir up trouble and justify military action.

As a consequence Iraq, Sudan, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria had almost ceased to exist as countries because they have become home to perpetual and violent conflict. Around the world in so-called democratic countries, governments are exploiting their populations and effectively acting as corporate stooges.

This may seem like a dismal picture, but it is far from the complete truth. Is not so long ago that people walked on the streets wearing sandwich boards predicting that the end of the world was nigh and over the generations the prophets who have raised their voices against tyranny and advised populations how to live in harmony have been executed.

In this next chapter of the world at war, we can see the Muslim takeover of Europe beginning to happen and unless there is a very violent backlash, it seems inevitable that Islam will take over the world even though there's not going to be very much of it left by the time they achieve their victory.

The Islamic civilisation has always been conflicted and it seems probable that if it doesn't destroy itself before it takes over the world, it cannot last because the religion is presented as being about abeyance to hierarchical superiors who are free to interpret the will of God as they wish.

As with communism which became capitalism in the name of communism, Islam is simply another pyramid structure where the highest possibility is peace.

It is unfortunately true that much of the world's population lives in a state of suffering and has yet to find peace, but from a truly spiritual perspective, peace is the foundation for human life from which happiness and joy can grow.

But like so many who live in misery, the only reprieve is a few moments of pleasure which may be indulged when no one is looking or taken at someone else's expense.

In many ways this picture is far bleaker than I dare to write, but the laws of the universe show us that life is indestructible. Therefore as the waves of death sweep across the planet, they are not going to come to all in the next moment. Therefore the majority had time to at least create peace within themselves and seek to know that joy that comes from within.

When you know joy, you will also know Grace and have the potential to be at one with the creation. In this scenario, you may have the privilege of deciding your next incarnation.


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