The Origins of Al-Qaida

A Response to Historic meddling in another countries business

According to Wikipedia, al-Qaida (and sometimes al-Qa'ida) is a global militant Islamist organization founded by Osama bin Laden in Peshawar, Pakistan. However the seeds were sown long before in the Sudan.

Al-Qaida actually began at a time when Sudan had gone from being an independent nation to one ruled by Turkish Egypt following the invasion by Muhammed Ali in 1819. The colonial system was resented by the Sudanese people because of the heavy taxes it imposed and it's unjust rule. The suppression of the Sudanese so inflamed one man, he pronounced himself as the 'Mahdi', the promised redeemer of the Islamic world. He soon became a problem to the administration as he encouraged the people to stand up for their rights and he soon attracted followers.

Egypt desperate to maintain the revenue from the region set out to assassinate him and his small band of followers, but the expeditionary force was defeated and the Mahdi began to increase his power and influence. It is with him that the modern Islamic Jihad movement began as a response to oppression and injustice.

Then the British became involved, ostensibly to help keep the peace and help Egypt and the Suez Canal project going, but had no real interest in this tribal backwater. The Hicks expedition was to crush the Mahdi and Hicks personal aspiration was to stop slavery but his seven thousand strong force was decimated.

Then Charles Gordon was sent to Khartoum with a substantial army to evacuate the remaining Egyptian forces. He took his time and was largely ineffective. He set himself up as governor and over almost a year had a lengthy dialogue with the Madhi who took the city exterminating Gordon and his army. A relief column under Sir Garnet Wolseley to relieve the Khartoum garrison arrived too late to help and Sudan was left alone for a short time in which the Madhi Muhammad Ahmad died and was succeeded by the Khalifa Abdallahi ibn Muhammad.

The British didn't go away, under a new colonial system know as the Anglo-Egyptian administration, a well equipped army led by Kitchener effectively established British domination over Sudan forcing the militant Islamists underground. This ended only with the independence of Sudan in 1956.

Osama Bin Laden

A wealthy man, he helped the Mujahideen forces expel the Soviets from Afghanistan. He was offended by Western treatment of the Islamic people and did his best to create opposition which led to him being banished from Saudi Arabia in 1992. So he went to Sudan where he built major roads and infrastructure, owned some large farms and established some trading companies but he was forced him to leave Sudan in 1996 by US pressure on the Sudanese government.

We can only speculate that Bin Laden would have known of and been influenced buy the Mahdi movement in Sudan which may have helped him become an effective leader dealing to Russia in Afghanistan and the subsequent bombings of US targets including 911 which from all accounts the US administration knew about but allowed to take place in the hope that "there'd be enough damage and enough fear would be generated so the Patriot Act could be passed."

911 was far worse than expected and paved the way to an expansion of the US war of terror. It's time for the US to move all its troops home, It's time for the US to stop interfering in other countries business.

There's no quick remedy for the worlds problems. as it'll take generations for the old wounds to heal that were caused imperialism. The ancient imperialists; Rome, Greece, Persia and others have long gone, but the oppression of Saudi Arabia over the Middle East under Islam, Britain, China, France, Belgium, Germany, Israel, Japan, Portugal, Netherlands, Russia, Spain, United States, all contribute to the world's unrest.

The world map has always been changing due to imperialism and geographic changes, but imperialism is driven by greed and fear. Fear of what others think and believe causes insecurity because those who react to these fears fear are not grounded in reality. Greed is also an aberration of human consciousness and both fear and greed cause suffering when acted upon.

In this video, you can see why the US is so hated by those countries it occupies.

Suffering is part of the human condition, but it is something to be overcome, not to be forced on other people, learn more.

Al Quaida current history


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  • Livia Schacter

    I guess what you are referring to is factual but it seems to me that all those extremist Islamic groups have been around much longer because according to the Islamic texts, all those groups are simply doing what Muhammad did

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