The Politics of Survival

Ignorance is not bliss

Body language says all. Turkish president Erdogan dominating Barak Obama. However many think that Obama’s purposeful appeasement of Muslims was placing America at great risk

Everyone has an instinctive desire to live and to be happy. An extension of that desire to live is to have children and grandchildren, and for them to be happy, to have long lives and reproduce into a distant future.

Yet if we look at the world today, there is no future beyond the end of this century and the entire thrust of western civilisation is about living for today; or perhaps should I say consuming so much that all life on this planet will be destroyed in the near future.

When we look at Western civilisation, populations appear to have a self-destructive urge which stems from a very deep sense of unhappiness and that unhappiness stems from the fact that the greater population is disconnected from life and the truth of life.

Other factors here are greed, stinginess and political expediency. Greed is simply people wanting more which seems to be a basic character trait because everyone wants more happiness and more joy. Unfortunately joy and happiness are associated with external conditions like wealth which leads to an external dependency for well-being, and stinginess which causes other people's suffering.

Political expediency results in the use of chemicals and GMO's in food, and fluoride in public water supplies which are in effect poisoning the population. However populations are also poisoned by ideas and in this context, populations have been fed a great many false hoods labelled as truths.

The story of history is always been written by the victor and the real truth concealed, but even where the truth is known it is often convenient to hide that truth because it suits short-term survival for certain individuals and many lies have elevated people to positions of power.

We now live in a time when there is less excuse for being ignorant. Ironically, in law there is no excuse for ignorance and yet how laws are so many and so complex with it would take several lifetimes to really know the laws of any land. So most populations live in ignorance and proclaim that their ignorance is bliss.

Sadhguru - Why are We Suffering

By living in ignorance, people become tightly bound in the process of cause and effect. By not understanding their own bodies, people eat unhealthy food, have poor postures and healthy lifestyle habits that make their life more unpleasant and shorter. But in the longer term this is contributing to infertility and our inability to survive as a species.

One of the major concerns in the world at the moment is terrorism. This is a product of greed and ideas. In terms of greed, it is the modality of the corporation and the military industrial complex of the USA. But the other side of terrorism are ideas.

One of these ideas is Islam which most people would describe as a religion. However in analysis, Islam is not religion at all. It is a political movement designed to take over the world. In other words, if you are not already a Muslim, then either you or future generations of your family will be forced to convert or die.

slaverMoslems however are not content just to kill infidels or kaffirs that they see as non-believers, but they also delight in killing each other. So we have two kinds of terrorism, Islam and capitalism that are destroying life and the population drugged into submission by an unhealthy diet, a toxic water supply, mind numbing media and consumerism.

So populations by and large become unable to think and unable to act for their own preservation and well-being. But in this age of Internet freedom which may not last much longer, the truth is available.

Without getting caught up on all the details, we can see the general history of civilisation. The 'out of Africa theory' may be untrue and there is evidence of human life on this planet going back many millions of years and not the few hundred thousand that most of us have been led to believe. We can see that civilisations have risen then fallen due to their ignorance and consequent stupidity.

We have been led to believe that we know everything that is important about life, but there are very few people on this planet who truly know the nature of life. To know the nature of life you must know the total nature of yourself as a human being and become responsible.

The truth of Islam
slavery - rape - domination

In this age where the battered wife denies being battered and the country being taken over by Islam denies the fact, there is little hope for humanity because the entire Western population seems blind to the basic facts of life and Western life has become apologistic towards to what is destroying it without ever questioning the facts.

To understand the basis of life, one can look to the advice of the Buddha's and Yogi's. To understand how to live life in a way that life on earth can endure, look to the culture of ancient India. Its history has been terribly distorted, but it is the only civilisation that has endured for so long.

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