The Power of Meditation

The outside is a reflection of what is within

If you become fully meditative, you will be beyond karma

If you become fully meditative, you will be beyond karma

Some people want to understand the world, some people want power and control, some people want pleasure, some people want to be helpful and is much as people want all manner of things, they all want to be happy.

People with the will can shape the world and influence people for good or bad and when they are successful, they experience some temporary pleasure or satisfaction, but this does not make them happy.

When we look at life we realise there can be no happiness without peace and there can be no real happiness when everyone around you is miserable. Peace is a neutral state of being, it is a moment of calmness after turmoil.

In the religious world, peace is the highest aspiration because life religion defines life as suffering and human beings suffer more than any other creature. All the other species on Earth provided they have sufficient sustenance and can reproduce, they are  peaceful. But if you look at the young of most mammals, their expression is the pure joy of being alive.

Peace as a foundation, happiness grows from peace but joy grows from happiness. Do you remember when you were last joyful? With happiness there is a contentment and ease in life, but with joy there is a delight and a celebration of everything that is alive. Now think of the possibility of every human being being joyful?

Unfortunately the world are struggling to find peace according to someone else's prescription which does not necessarily agree with your understanding or mine. Peace cannot be forced upon anyone, nor can happiness and joy.

Peace can only be found by turning inwards and knowing one's self. When that inner peace is established, happiness and joy are a natural consequence. Unfortunately many people stumble through life to be satisfied with a few temporary pleasures that are substitutes for happiness.

Such a life is a life of compulsion, eating food that pleases one's sense of taste, making money, raising a family and building empires can all be compulsive behaviours. Through science and religion, humanity has been taught to look outwards for salvation and this has failed to produce any lasting happiness.

People look up to some indefinable God for truth and wisdom, or they look to science. Because God cannot be defined and mankind's interpretation of the will of God for the most part creates suffering in the world there must be something very wrong with this idea.

Science dissects the world and yet science cannot explain or define anything. Science can look inside an atom and give names to its constituent parts. At can smash those atomic particles together and create even smaller particles yet it cannot define exactly what they are, the only creation is wonder. Science has become good at manipulating matter and enabling corporations to manipulate and capitalise on life, but there is no truth in that, only a temporary pleasure for a few and suffering for others.

Peace is a stepping stone to happiness and happiness is a stepping stone to joy but there is one other state and that is bliss. Bliss is the pinnacle of human well-being, an ecstatic state of being that cannot be conveyed in words, it can only be experienced.

The most commonly referred description of bliss is the feeling of ecstasy that is sometimes achieved through sexual union with one's beloved and the use of mind altering substances.

The ecstasy achieved through sexual union is often the highest state of blissfulness achieved by many people, but while this is only temporary, it strengthens the bonds of people's relationships making it a vital aspect of people's lives.

While drug use can induce blissful and ecstatic states, again this is only temporary and unfortunately the after-effects are often debilitating and a cause of great suffering.

The only genuine path to bliss and ecstasy is through meditation. But meditation is not doing anything; to meditate is to become absolutely still so there is no movement of the body and more importantly, no activity in the mind.

Can you imagine a life without suffering? In a life without suffering all the things we need to survive with still have to be attended to, the only difference is that we would do those things joyfully.

So what is meditation and how do you do it?

Meditation is a technology, it is a system of self perception. Remember that we experience the world through our senses and our mind determines what those experiences are. That means that if you see something that you recognise as the colour blue, the energy frequency of that object reflects into the retina behind your eye. From there a signal is sent to your brain and your mind determines the colour.

Meditation is a technology of looking inside ourselves in a way that is deeper than contemplation. During contemplation we are usually mulling over our thoughts or reordering the stuff in our minds. In meditation we are attempting to let the body and mind relax completely but at the same the time remain alert.

Meditation is different from sleeping, in sleep our bodies rest but our minds often remain very active. In the beginning stages of meditation the body often wants attention because it is uncomfortable in some way, but over time it can be trained to sit still.

Meditation means disconnecting from our external sense perception and instead of looking up at outer space, we begin to perceive our own inner space and it is here that many perceive that inner space and outer space are reflections in the mirror of one's mind.

As you are training the body to sit still, the mind keeps producing thoughts and ideas, but with time and patience it will tire of this activity provided if you don't buy into the thought process and become involved. So here meditation is about a detachment from thoughts but at the same time remaining sharp and alert.

As you begin to create space between, thoughts you may experience realisations or a recognition of the immensity and wonder of life and what can only be described as the divine possibility.

There is a realisation that aside from all the politics of the world and all our struggles to survive, we are a piece of life with limitless potential.

The benefits to society

In 1978 a group of meditators from the Maharishi society went to one of the high crime neighbourhoods of New York city. They did this in coordination with the police, city officials and other government departments. Over the two week period the crime rate dropped significantly and the city became more harmonious.

According to the peaceful warrior's website, this experiment has been carried out in many other places with similar results which have been published in the Journal of crime and justice. Therefore it seems clear that the simple act of meditating has a peaceful effect on people for miles around, even when not in direct contact.

I think the claim can be plausibly made that the potential impact of this research exceeds that of any other ongoing social or psychological research program. It has survived a broader array of statistical tests than most research in the field of conflict resolution. This work and the theory that informs it deserve the most serious consideration by academics and policy makers alike.” ~ David Edwards Ph.D., Professor of Government, University of Texas at Austin.

The impact on health

Through meditation, the functions of the body and mind are harmonised causing them to function more efficiently. Therefore metabolism, cell behaviour and all the inner workings of the body and mind become more cooperative and efficient. This causes a decrease in any physical suffering and it can help the body recover more quickly from any disease.

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