The Problems with Pornography

An ancient social issue

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Let's be clear, sexual activity between consenting adults is a natural, normal, healthy and essential activity for human well-being. The desire to participate in sexual activity is normal and natural for everyone and these desires usually begin with puberty.

Pornography has always existed because it is simply about people communicating their ideas about sex. Up until the invention of modern media, pornography had been confined to the world of art and there exist artworks going back tens of thousands of years depicting this expression of life.

Some people find pornography is useful because it stimulates libido, other people find it useful because the erotic imagery adds flavour to intimate relationships so we cannot say that pornography is inherently bad or evil. The real problems with pornography have arisen in the modern mass media, and in particular the Internet.

Some people have estimated that as much as two thirds of all the Internet content and Internet traffic is pornographic in nature. This is a difficult point to properly evaluate but when you consider that one academic book may take up less then 1 MB of Internet space, one pornographic video may occupy 1000 MB of space. Therefore this is a fairly speculative opinion.

What's porn and what's not?


Sex is natural and healthy, porn is not

Its a bit like saying that beauty is in the eye of the beholder as a naked human is porn on one person, beautiful to another and divine to someone else.  However most of today's pornography is a corruption of what it means to be human and intimate relating.

Porn is also tied into the class system.  When a rich person has their body displayed it's art, when the poor person has their body displayed, it's porn.  The Hollywood stars are beautiful when naked and having sex in movie, this is art and theatre,  but when a hooker and her client are going it semi discretely, it's disgusting.

We live in a very twisted world and what really is porn are images of abuse, images of deliberate pain and discomfort.  Sure some like that experience and others like to watch, but really it's a sickness caused by social perversion and injustice.

Does porn cause harm?

There is no doubt that it does because many of the people who indulge in watching porn become desensitised, they develop unhealthy attitudes towards the human body and human sexuality which can literally turn them into monsters making them harmful to society.

Many sex workers say they know clients have been watching porn because they have a bad attitude towards life and unrealistic expectations of what sex is all about.

People who spend a lot of time watching porn often become obsessed in their search for pleasure and forget that sex has more to do with intimacy than the act of sex itself. Such people when they finally get around to having a sexual experience with an actual person are often disappointed and they can become morose or even violent because their expectations have not been met.

Should pornography be banned?

The Indian government recently blocked access to the world's most popular porn websites much to the disdain of many people. Perhaps this in part was in response to the highly publicised cases of rape in the country and to help try and resolve the problem of poorly educated young men who simply don't know how to conduct themselves in civil society.

For a couple who's sex life has lost a little of its spark, the occasional viewing of some pornography may be beneficial. It is to this end that books like the Kama Sutra were written and across the world guides to human sexuality have been written so that human relationships can be made more enjoyable.

The human sexuality is such a small aspect of life, for couples who are well-connected, they might have sex every day but others may only have it once a year. So people who are enjoying sexual relations every day have no need of porn because their relationship is vibrant whereas people who rarely have sex probably shouldn't watch porn because it will make them sick.

All those people out there who want more sexual experiences or want to improve the quality of their relationships would be better off improving their own internal relationship.

Sex is fundamentally about facilitating new life and social bonding and although sex has become a sport offering temporary pleasure, it is only ever a distraction from the fundamentals of life. So instead of watching porn, people should be meditating because there is no solution to any of life's problems in pornography.

The Human Body and Sex is Beautiful, But Porn is not!



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