The Protocols of Underwear

Should I wear or not wear undies?

In the modern world we are introduced to underwear as babies and most parents wear underwear because it's been ingrained and they consider it their moral duty. But since it becomes habitual at such an early age, many people do not even think about it and instead devote their thoughts, energy and money into deciding what underwear is practical, fashionable or suitably seductive.

We must remember that underwear is a modern phenomenon, in ancient times like over 100 years ago the bra was a novelty item and an accessory for the well-heeled fashionistas. But while Victorian women who more often more abortus than a bra to make their boobs look appealing never bothered about underwear.

If you look at pictures of those Victorian women with their skirts, they may have had layers of petticoats underneath but rarely any form of liquors unless of course it was clear time and the knickers of the time more closely resembled a nappy.

The real business of modern underwear began after World War II which was back in the 1940s. If you flick through the photos of movie stars from that era, it's more common to see women without a bra then with one and then the bikini was invented to save on cloth which was expensive and hard to come by at the time that the styling of the bikini also pave the way for styling of panties which quickly became a female accessory whereas men had been wearing boxes for some time.

The majority of people wearing underwear today do so simply because it has become so normalised, especially in western countries. We have several older articles about the brassiere and the fact that they did not provide any health benefit but they do assist in restraining a woman's breasts.

Panties and/or underpants are important for women if their leading an active life during their menstrual cycle and for men and women who don't wipe properly after defecation resulting in those tell-tale skidmarks. In such cases unddies are essential but for everyone else they are a lifestyle option.

Because everywhere you go there are media advertisements selling you the idea that one particular brand is better than another or one particular brand is going to make you look sexier and more desirable. The underwear manufacturing corporations what you to buy more so they keep telling you that you need more. With this in your face all the time and often this advertising is so subtle you don't notice it yet it's reinforcing the cultural habit.

The course if everyone stopped wearing underwear, that would put millions of people out of work so by buying underwear you help to keep the economy going and help the rich to get richer while you sometimes have to stretch your pennies so you can dress how you've been is most appropriate.

So reality here is that if your body does not leak you keep yourself physically clean by bathing or showering daily and washing properly instead of wiping after defecation, your pelvic area does not need to be confined within another layer of fabric. And in contrast to this it is considered healthier for men and women to have hair circulating over their genitalia.

Because a lot of modern underwear is synthetic, it actually causes conditions like thrush and in general allows the accumulation of bacteria. When air is circulating freely bacteria cannot survive. For men there has been some research put into the idea that having one's genitalia confined by tight underwear contributes to infertility.

The bottom line is that when you are clean, there is no health risk and underwear serves no practical purpose in that regard. It is simply an accessory that you have evolved believing as necessary.

It is becoming an increasing trend that many people are choosing to abandon their underwear. It is referred to as 'going commando' and those who go without knickers find that initially it's rather odd at first and then quickly becomes normal. One thing that women fear is wearing a short skirt without underwear because there is generally someone will notice and pass judgement.

So one can became stigmatised by those moralists but then it's a good way to find out who your friends really are because they will be supportive and likely to join in the experiment. For men going without underpants goes largely unnoticed when they are wearing trousers or jeans presenting less of a problem although when they wear shorts some accidental exposure could be problematic if they are not careful..

Most women would not Council their daughters to go without underwear, they have long been indoctrinated and in our increasingly violent society be concerned that girls in short skirts without underwear would be targets for molestation - long skirts and jeans are a non issue. In reality, any girl with a short skirt and many social situations as a target for some molestation and it's up to her to exercise her power is a woman to accept or limit those advances. However if someone is intent on rape, even a straitjacket is unlikely to stop them.

One of the interesting observations about how girls and women dress is that when they make themselves bland as a 'plain Jane' they become background objects. If their dress is more revealing they may get in for more attention depending on how they behave but bra or no bra, knickers or no knickers is irrelevant. In contrast a completely naked woman is generally revered. This is in part because the mating games we have evolved are all about getting the woman undressed and when she's naked, the aggressor is disempowered. It's also another phenomenon that if a woman who is being aggressively approached response in a similar manner, the outcome can be tragic but if she is soft and welcoming, and even encouraging the attacker is disempowered but that's another story.

Our clothing binds us to our social set, it helps to identify says members of a particular society within our multi cultural, multi-ethnic and separatist political world. Underwear or no underwear is a personal choice and, no underwear has its economic advantages but depending on one's lifestyle maybe there are social advantages to going without or not?

Back in the 60s millions of women put aside their bras because they were seen as a symbol of social repression, but increasingly more women today I once more not only abandoning their bras, they are also going without panties as increasing numbers of men are becoming more comfortable letting their genitalia swing free.

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