The Question of Truth

And that truth will set you free

As children growing up we are taught to speak the truth as we see it, yet we learn to see that truth is often a matter of perspective and in some situations where a number of people have witnessed the same event, their telling is different because they all saw from a different perspective, a major problem when the law is involved. So what is referred to as the truth today is a convenient concept that most of us can agree upon.

This most of us has come to distinguish between various truths in relation to what we choose to believe this. The Christians believe that there heavenly guard is real even though God is not measurable or quantifiable and only exists in the imagination of the believers. As this imaginary God represents the truth and perhaps a cornerstone of a philosophy, many people are only concerned about truth in relation to an imagined truth when it comes to our ultimate reality.

Scientists of course are still trying to figure out the truth of our existence yet they have only succeeded in establishing that they have not discovered the truth of our existence, the exact size, shape, age or purpose of our universe, they are not even sure if it is a living organism or what? Except our wider civilisation or perhaps I should save the people who control the world except the what we see is real, tangible and there they have a right to mine, manipulate populations and use the natural resources around them to create their own personal pleasure.

"What we are told is not really real. Well not all or most. All what they carry forward and inherit as "theirs" is not really theirs. They do not want to wake up and prefer to languish in the dormant darkness with dark covers and a made up idea of life, when everything is literally fake, made up and a big blunder yet they find it amazing. They will come and go but wont learn yet keep on with the idea they are the best and they are chosen and very peaceful and wonderfully pious without ever knowing they are in a dark sandbox." ~ Dr Naila Shirazi

When we look out of the world we see that all the people who are involved in knowing certain truths which of course is more about believing rather than real knowing, they are indeed the most unhappy and miserable soul is on this planet. This is because the truth they believe in is imaginary with no basis in reality and in practice destructive to all life.

In contrast the truth in some parts of the world is that 'we don't know', the answers to the big questions in life but knowing that the earth is round, alive and somewhat volatile as it moves through time and space, that by close observation of the phenomenon affecting our lives we can live in harmony with nature and spare ourselves much of the heartache and pain that creates what is perhaps best described as Western decay. This is where the rich keep getting richer and the poor keep getting poorer yet rich and poor suffer greatly and seek solutions by further manipulating life around them while those people who 'know they don't know' continue to be happy and suffer less even though they sometimes suffer more physical hardship.

In law there is a recognition that there is no truth which is why the concept that justice is blind because the actual truth only exists in people's minds which may be factual or imaginary and in this modern world imaginary truth appears to have the upper hand. Under modern democracy, people are free to believe whatever they want and within the shape of modern civilisation it's become important to cling on to any convenient truth no matter how far from any reality it is to justify activities and in this modern age speech.

Islamaphobia is one of the new catchwords used to describe people who speak with clarity about the nature of this highly conflicted belief system (Islam). In the USA one has to be a Democrat or a Republican to find a social place, a political truth that one must belong by believing and supporting the cause. But this is not only happening in the USA, it's become a global phenomenon and a return to tribal values on a mass scale.

I came across this quote that sounds noble; ”The true masculine is characterized by confidence without arrogance; rational thinking without a need to control; honour without a desire for war. It provides stability, strength, and courage in an ever-shifting world”
This argument even when altruistic is invalid unless the man knows his divinity.

It seems that the real truth accessible by us is that individuals and groups create their own truths by chance or design to justify their actions and behaviours creating a black hole for themselves in which they experience isolation and suffering. The only way out of this hole is through gratitude and forgiveness along with the relaxation of their beliefs or moral views.

"The truth is something that burns. It burns off deadwood, and people don’t like having their deadwood burnt off; often because they’re like 95% deadwood. Believe me, I’m not being snide about that. It’s no joke. When you start to realize how much of what you’ve constructed of yourself is based on deception and lies, that is a horrifying realization, and it can easily be 95% of you.~ Jordan Peterson

There is no doubt however that those who find the greatest joy and happiness find it within themselves, they understand that what we call truth is a relative term and the only ultimate truth is that we all exist as a piece of this existence we call life. Therefore based on this truth, one naturally seeks harmony and lives they generally harmless lifestyle with more focus on celebration than acquisition. When the only truth is that I don't know, and one seeks to live a harmonious life, happiness and joy become the truth of existence and accessible to us all.

"What you think of yourself and what the world thinks of you is only socially relevant. It has no existential relevance." ~ Sadhguru


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