The Real Truth

The Philippines stands up to the world

truecostThe USA has dominated the world for the past 60 or so years, it's economic, military and social policies have been forced on most nations and often at the point of a gun. The Philippines is no exception, US troops evicted the Spanish over 100 years ago giving the Filipinos hope of independence. But the Americans refused to go away until their political policies had become entrenched.

Up until World War II, the Philippines was a very inconspicuous nation easily overrun by the Japanese who again were evicted by the Americans and Filipino militias. When the war was over the Americans turned the Pacific back to the US's 'big backyard' and of course it annexed Hawaii and there has never been any agreement about this. The US is an occupying power.

The US economic policy that has spread around the world has proved to be a dismal failure. By following this policy, world has sunk into extreme debt conflict, but meantime all the financial experts are assuring the people that all is well and debt is nothing to worry about.

President Rody Duterte's arrival speech following his state
visit to China. Part in English and part in Tagalog,
the world view is brilliant and worth listening to.

The policies and military might of the USA that many people refer to as America to the disdain of all the other American countries dominates all aspects of life in most countries. Even in Russia, people are watching American movies and many commentators see Hollywood producing horrific scenarios that are in fact shaping the world to come.

Pres Duterte is one of the few leaders with the balls to actually stand up to the USA. He is working to create some breathing space away from US economic and political influence because the Philippines has really been a lap dog to the USA for generations and mainly done as it has been told.

This of course was of great concern for the US administration because they are relying on the Philippines as a strategic barrier against China who has through its own strength extended its territorial claim to within a few miles of the Philippines coast.

The Philippines standing up

In the video above, you can hear Pres Duterte calling out the crimes of the USA against other nations and the destruction of the Middle East, he also calls out the moral indignation of the EU which is crumbling and moralising over the deaths of Filipino criminals as its planes (Belgian) bombs civilians in Aleppo and US, British and Australian planes target Syrian troops.

President Duterte is 100% correct and the world needs more men and women like him who are courageous enough to call a spade a spade and a terrorist a terrorist. The US has failed in economics, governance and most importantly, human dignity.

An ugly truth:

A rat swallowed a diamond and the owner of the diamond contracted a MAN to kill the rat.
When the man arrived to kill the RAT, they were more than 1000 Rats bunched up &
one sitting up by itself away from THE pack.

He killed the one sitting by itself and that was the exact one which swallowed the diamond.

The amazed diamond owner asked "How did you know it was that rat?"

The rat catcher said "It's easy, when one gets rich, he does not associate with others".


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