The Sari

Essence of femininity


The Sari is the traditional dress for women living in much of India and South East Asia. Essentially it is a long length of cloth available in a variety of colours, designs and textures.

As one of the world is more versatile garments, it can be worn as a skirt with a separate top or at can be worn as a dress in many ways. Traditionally the Sari is wound around the hips a couple of times, then around the waist and over the shoulders.

The delicacy of the garment allows a person to completely cover themselves from their neck to their ankles, or is in the image here, the midrift can be left bare which is ideal in a hot climate.

While many women wear a separate top or bra, the Sari can be arranged so that there is no need for any underwear which is really nice around the home, at informal gatherings or as stylish but risqué party wear .

The Sari can easily be turned from casual wear, to formal wear or party wear and was more they are relatively inexpensive.

In the Indian party scene, the Sari is making a comeback due to its versatility. In the westernised party scene, girls generally dress in their tiniest outfit's but if they turn up to an event where it is inappropriate, they may have to leave or just feel out of place.

With the Sari, you can arrange it so as not to upset the morally righteous, but as soon as you get into the party you can adjust it to reveal as much skin as you want to.

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