The Science of What's Real?

The why of how we all perceive differently

The science of how everything is relative
and no one is right or wrong.

The science of yoga talks about the universe as we perceive it as being an illusion and not real in the way that we believe that it is. This is primarily because everyone perceives our everyday reality inside their own mind. To remind you; our five senses perceive something and then they send an electrical signal to our brains which interprets that signal and creates the concept of that reality. Because we experience life in our minds, we actually have no external reality other than how we perceive it to be and as some say 'create'.

In these two videos, Hillary uses rational science to demonstrate what so many people find difficult to understand.  This is a point the yogi's and mystics have been trying to get across for many millennia and has given rise to a people call Hinduism. In the first video, Hillary uses science to demonstrate that we all perceive everything differently and from that we can draw the conclusion that none of us ever perceive anything the same.

Therefore, if we know that it is scientifically impossible to have the exact same experience as anybody else and let's face it we can't because we cannot experience what's going on someone else's mind, our view of the world is totally unique and instead of trying to get people to see one's own point of view, celebrate being different.

Nature tries all possibilities;
but only the harmonious flourish.

The mystics of ancient India understood the concept of the integral path and applied that to human existence as a personal and a social discipline so that within ancient India there arose the concept of Dharma, living in harmony with each other and with nature. Dharma is the only way we can survive as a species and live happily and successfully alongside each other. Like most people I struggle with the maths but if you follow you will see how Hillary arrives at the same conclusion as the great teachers from our ancient past who shaped Hindu Dharma.

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