The Seven Chakras

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Our seven chakras

The seven chakras make up the core of our energy or spiritual body.  These points are located along the kundalini,  a dual energy stream flowing from the centre of our earth to the furtherest space and back down to earth centre.

The kundalini can be likened to an 11,000 volt power line along which are transformers or chakras which break the current down in to 240 volts for consumption.

In yoga class I have talked about the dual nature of the kundalini in comparison with the alternating current of the city electrical grid and its important in meditation and asana practise to remember these facts as this is an area of our being where we are also looking to extend our consciousness and gain management privileges.

The Chakras:

  1. Sahasrara - सहस्रार - The Crown Chakra
    • Located about two inches above the head is our connection to the divine spiritual
    • Primarily masculine, his chakra deals with pure cosmic energy and is seen as our connection to God
    • It is blocked by earthly attachments.
  2. Ajna - आज - The 3rd Eye Chakra
    • Located in the centre of the head in or near the pineal gland
    • This chakra deals with insight
    • It is is blocked by illusions.
  3. Vishuddha - विशुद - The Throat Chakra
    • Located in the throat
    • Governs sound and speech
    • It deals with truth
    • It is blocked by the lies we tell our selves.
  4. Anahata - अनाहत - The Heart Chakra
    • Located beside our physical heart
    • This middle chakra is the parent over all our chakras deals with love, balance and harmony.
    • It deals with love and has a role to balance or moderate the other 6
    • It is blocked by grief.
  5. Manipura - मणिपूर - Fire Chakra
    • located in the solar plexus.
    • This is the centre of will
    • It is blocked by shame.
  6. Swadhisthana -  स्वाधिष्ठान  - Water chakra
    • This chakra deals with reproduction and pleasure.
    • It is blocked by guilt
  7. Muladhara - मूलाधार - Base, Earth or Root Chakra.
    • Located about 2 inches below the centre of the perineum.
    • This chakra deals with our connection to t he divine feminine
    • It is blocked by by fear.

This may be a children's story, but it is a nice description that's easy to understand.
The onion and banana juice is pure myth.

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