The subjugation of women

Some things don't change even with legislation

THE STATE IS OUT OF DATE reassures us that politics is not the primary game in town, though it may sometimes look like the only one. This is a book for anyone who wonders why politics isn't working and what really went on in the state sex traffic case in the UK

We can only guess what life may have been like for woman in our distant past, but we do know that with the arrival of agriculture, women became an economic asset as well as a social one.

In the Middle East where polygamy was practised, the more woman and had in his harem, the more children he could have and we most children grew, they were put out to work in the head of family became very wealthy.

Sometimes it was simply work and trade, other times the sons would be turned into soldiers and his daughters for sale to the highest bidder although in practice it was more often the daughters were given to a powerful neighbour to win favour and even protection.

With the arrival of Christianity and later Islam, the fate of women took a new turn. Men have always feared the powerful woman, she was labelled as a prostitute or a wtich and often killed.

The meaning of the word virgin and biblical times had a similar meaning to that of Courtisan today. The virgin of two thousand years ago was a free and independent woman who made her own way through life and she was is free to indulge in sex as a majority of men are today.

Woman are often smarter the men

Men don't really like this fact, for centuries the been trying to keep women under their thumbs. The Islamic world has succeeded more so than the West we woman often confined to the family compound and not allowed out without the husband's permission and an escort.

The Islamic woman when she goes out of the house is typically covered from head to toe with only her eyes uncovered to see where she is going, but some more extreme sects force her to appear at the world through her veil.

Throughout history, woman have been forced to serve their men and masters as well as raise their children. In Europe during the Victorian era, the corset became a fashion item and due to its nature, it probably contributed to the premature deaths of hundreds of thousands of woman. They suffered from broken ribs ruptured internal organs, prolapse of the uterus and death through childbirth.

Today in 2014, woman still suffer from enormous pressure. Every year, millions of girls are trafficked and sold as slaves for sex or industry. The corset has gone, but this place is the brassiere which many medical experts believe is one of the contributing causes of breast cancer.

There is no end in sight for the suffering of women until such time as the divine feminine awakens in men and Gaia revives.


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