The Task of Reviving India

Sweeping educational changes and responsibility needed

To the casual observer and the European educated, this idea seems strange because India is a country that everyone chooses to mock without any clear rationale beyond this fact: that Islam and the colonialists having raped and pillaged the country have not been able to destroy what is quintessentially Hindu.

The word/name Hindu of course is an abbreviation of Hindustan referring to the geographic area and not what is seen as Hindu religion, another erroneous concept bandied about by experts whereas the proper term for Hindu spiritual understanding is Sanatana Dharma.

What is the problem of India and why does it need reviving?

India needs to be restored according to the precepts of Sanatana Dharma because it is the only solution to India's problems and the problems of the world at large. Sanatana Dharma is a system of living in harmony with each other and with nature but having been occupied by more than a thousand years, India has been infected by capitalism, belief systems and patriarchy severely damaging the nation.

This damage and the corruption of civilisation in India probably began with the introduction and spread of money as a means of exchange combined with the patriarchal ideology. A patriarchal society in which men dominate and force women (and inferior men) to do a disproportionate share of work is imbalanced and deteriorates society. When these two forces of patriarchy and finance combine we get capitalism which has become a monster destroying the world we depend on.

The problem has become so great that humanity is on the verge of extinction as world leaders fight for global domination with no concern for the millions of people killed and dispossessed. All the conflict in the world and within people's minds is a result of an internal disease inherent within capitalism. This disease is not natural, it is enforced upon population through regulation because no one is free unless they have free access to food and shelter.

While India has been the centre of human civilisation and the root of all knowledge, these facts are denied by the capitalists who are destroying the world. The British who were the primary capitalist influence across the world over the past four hundred years not only raped and pillaged, they destroyed the Hindu educational system and replaced it with books of lies to suit their own interests. As a consequence, modern India is governed by deeply corrupted ideals and values.

But the Muslims and the British entered an already corrupted land which made their conquest much easier. Alexander the Greek got his arse kicked but even then corruption was endemic and is reported that Buddha spoke out against the social structure of his time because Varna was giving way to Caste, a change caused by capitalism. We can see this becoming more deeply entrenched in every country today with increased homelessness and the concentration of power and wealth in the hands of a few.

How does change occur?

The government must play a role by sponsoring the correction of history books, celebrating the great men and women of the past and promoting Dharmic living while taking a stand against rampant capitalism. Capitalism must be seen as a disease and yet the world is trapped in this sociopolitical system. It's not going to go away overnight, but we can look to the past and celebrate experimental cities like Auoraville and contrast the new gated cities designed for profit and fulfilling the whims of the masters.

Real change only occurs at an individual level through knowing oneself as a human being and not as a commodity. This knowing comes about through meditation, and a study of history which means taking care to avoid the erroneous history so widely promoted as being true. These changes apply to every country, not just India but India remains a repository and is poised to lead the way.


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