The USification of Food

Along with it's version of democracy, the USA spreads diabetes, heart disease and more


There's an old family catchphrase that 'your mother knows best' that is often used in conjunction with 'ask your mother' or 'ask your father'. Mother knows best as a phrase used to placate women in the patriarchal society whereas ask your mother or ask your father a fundamental phrases indicating blindness to the truth and an avoidance of responsibility.

The way of live for people of the USA has been to modulus, they stole the land they now occupy, exterminated around 100 million people and began to create an idealistic new existence based on liberty and freedom without any sense of guilt for their crimes against humanity because they were morally superior stop

At the core of this emerging society was a desire for pleasure and the social arrangements that turned the majority of the population into economic slaves and gave a small section of society unprecedented access to pleasures afforded by the fruits of the country's labour.

When the majority of the population weren't suffering hardship and depression which really unfolded following the end of World War II, the prosperity was shared by the new middle class. By this time, the rich felt they were firmly in control and the corporations having the rights of people began to flourish.

In particular the media corporations began to deepen their partnerships with various industries effectively working to brainwash the population. This shape the economy and the rise of middle-class who all needed cars to commute to their places of work which was time-consuming and increased demand for fast food.

The USA was becoming a country with a population wanted instant gratification and continual reassurance that they were okay. The corporations and the media took advantage because where there is a perceived need in society there is money to be made and the fast food franchises exploded across the nation.

The sugar industry paid scientists in the 1960s to play down the link between sugar and heart disease and promote saturated fat as the culprit instead, newly released historical documents show. The internal sugar industry documents recently discovered by a researcher at the University of California, San Francisco, and published Monday in JAMA Internal Medicine, suggest that five decades of research into the role of nutrition and heart disease, including many of today’s dietary recommendations, have been largely manipulated by the sugar industry. New York Times

Few people were concerned about the growing mountain of obesity, after all a few extra pounds was traditionally a sign of success. By the 1960s the US had become addicted to fatty and sugary foods that provided a quick burst of energy and a sense of fullness even though these foods in the drive for greater efficiency in creating profits were becoming less nutritious.

The population was in general very complicit, this was the American dream, a quasi-kind of affluence led by an abundance of food and a media able to tell the people what to do and what to eat, and the people obeyed.

The US corporations had control of their own population and through their political and military prowess were taking control of the world. Since its inception, the US had been interfering in the politics of other countries and to date it has actually replaced about 70 democratically elected governments with tyrants who were willing to support US political and economic interests over and above the rights and needs of their own population.

Other countries like New Zealand, Australia and other countries involuntarily bought into the American dream and welcomed US business interests in the name of trade and cooperation, and this included fast food along with US corporate advertising and management styles.

From about 1980s the US backed corporations had fairly well cemented their grip on the world and the waistlines of the world's population was steadily increasing through the overconsumption of sweet and fatty food scientifically designed to be addictive that continues to be heavily promoted by media out to make ever increasing profits.

Everyone has a natural desire to do better in life and have great security in terms of place of residence and food supply. When those two basic needs are met, the next basic desire is to have pleasure which has been perverted by the media so now there is a majority of the world's population addicted to glamour, food and sport as well is imitating the directors of the whole charade by doing as little work as possible.

There are some pious people in the world who have not succumbed to what is actually a nightmare for most. The most continue to believe that they are free and equal citizens and yet they are simply numbers in a grand scheme cooked up by a small group of sociopaths who sit on the top of the heap directing wars and testing new chemistries on a mostly compliant population.

This what is referred to as the Americanisation of the world as the continuing degradation of life, the expansion of waistlines, the corruption and degradation of life that seems to have no end in sight.  It's time the world woke up and realised that this glamorous presentation by the corporate media is only a fantasy cooked up in someone's mind and promoted by those out to make a killing.

The waistlines of the world continue to swell as do the profits of the fast food, pharmaceutical and chemical giants. But it's not only human health that is suffering, the mentality that drives insanity is also destroying the very environment that we need in order to survive. But there is a subtle pushback by those who value life and as the protectors objecting to the North Dakota oil pipeline face up to global tyranny, Cuba is being setup for US corporate occupation and destruction.


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  • Anne Brookman

    The easiest food to access the US of A is over sweet, heavy in saturated fats and a whole host of chemicals you just don’t want to know about. So if you live here, you going to get fat and have huge medical bills as you age

  • Doug

    A great topic and people need to realise that most food in the United States is genetically modified, full of agricultural chemicals, over processed with God knows what chemicals and preservatives while people who do try to produce healthy food are stigmatised and local governments are even trying to banish home gardens in some states

  • Dermet

    A few weeks back I went to thе beaϲhfront with my kids. We had a nice time but then we stopped for some takeaway is afterwards and the kids all had allergic reactions something in the food they ate. We generally avoided fast food so that was their first full on experience which may be do some research and I discovered that most food manufactured in the USA is unsafe to eat and I can understand and sympathise that US produced food is high agrichemical content and who knows what GMO’s another poisons is testing humanities endurance to survive.

  • Catalina Woodrow

    This post is really interesting, but it really bugs me that they expect the rest of the world to swallow it. Like, look how the genetic experiment is failing and US health costs are higher than almost every other country. It seems to me that this usification of foods is going to be the death of us

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