The war of terror

The war to end terror is terror itself

Great Britain was the worlds greatest power up until World war 2, and it gave much of it's empire to the USA in return for goods and services to help defeat Hitler. By the time that war ended and Japan was defeated, America had discovered its invincibility and was planning its global takeover. Toward the end of World War II. There was a scramble for world domination, but America made Japan its ally and claimed the entire Pacific region as its own territory. The world then suffered a long period of uncertainty as endured the Korean War, the Cold War and the Vietnam war.

All this time, America was quietly making strategic inroads into many countries on the pretext of political or social support, and today there is no country in the world that has avoided American interference in its politics or economics. According to the highly respected investigative reporter John Pilger, the American government acting in the name of democracy and social freedom actually destroys every democracy in any country becomes involved in. In all, they have destroyed 60 or 70 democratically elected governments and replaced them with fascist dictatorships thinly disguised as democracies.

Simply put, America is the bully in the playground and its actions are simply motivated by greed. Their mode of operation is that intelligence agencies infiltrate the country, they destabilise the government and create social unrest. Then, when the government of their choice is in power, the American corporate system moves in and siphons off the wealth of the country.

America is not totally alone in this operation, Britain, France and some of the other NATO allies are complicit and they work together to ensure the continuity of the flow of oil and other resources.

Terror breeds terror

Thanks to the action of America and all its allies, there are hundreds of millions of children being born into abject poverty and all they know is terror. Those living far from the corridors of power and the war zones don't see very much of this, is simply another news item and too far away to really care about.

One of the new learnings and human development is that where mothers are subject to terror, especially when they are pregnant. The developing child in her womb is aware of the outside world and its mothers emotional states. Consequently those children born in the world's terrorism is are being warned with preprogrammed hostility and anger making them prime candidates to throw themselves into any battle or sacrifice their lives to satisfy the the political will of their leaders.

I know that you are being provoked at every level, but it is important to stick to our nonviolent practice.”
His Holiness the Dalai Lama

This war of terror is not going away any time soon

The root of the problem has two homes, the first is the unhappiness in the heart of every human being and the second is in the role of the American government, by which I mean the U.S.A and its principal allies who are not only using hostile force to conquer the world, they are disempowering their own people and making them pay for this war, while the perpetrators make astronomical profits.

The people of the world that's either on side of America or comfortably distant from the battlefields have learned to live with being moderately unhappy, they have learned to suffer excess taxation and become addicted to their mundane passions which keeps their minds far from the confusing world of politics.

The people are also confused by media reports as most media corporations simply spin the government line, and of course all the horrific images are designed to spread fear and encourage people to vote for governments to take a hard line against that sort of thing, even though they are the cause of the problem.

Are there any solutions?

Yes there are, the first is to get educated and understand what is going on in this world. But you have to do this quick because within a few more generations free public education will no longer be available anywhere. As we have seen in the past 20 years it has gone from being a service paid by our taxation and administered by government, but like all our national assets, governments are selling these offers quickly as they can, and using the profits for projects that are offered the relevant to the needs of the people they serve.

Everyone needs to be educated about politics, world history and religion. Everyone needs to remember that money is simply an idea, it has no intrinsic value at all, and all the noise about economic instability and massive debt is simply another means of fear mongering by those in power. We have to realise that those people in power are simply gambling with the world's money and the whole world is simply their stage.

The second solution is to be proactive, instead of complaining about the weather or your sad situation, talk to your friends and neighbours about this and vote together on election day before a government that is consistent in its will and intent toward social justice and liberty.

The third solution is to boycott the corporations that are destroying our lives and this may mean growing more of your own vegetables and becoming more self-reliant. This also means finding a way to repay your mortgage more quickly, before interest rates skyrocket, because the gamblers that stock exchanges of the world lose their bets.

The fourth and most important solution is to become a more rational and compassionate human being with real human values, and remember that violence does not work, violence begets violence and thus contributes to terror.

John Pilger investigative reporter
Democracy now social concerm
Abby Martin investigative reporter on the war on terror
Max keiser investigative reporter on world finance


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    IWM, Lambeth Road, London

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    I hope everyone is watching because the war against all these terrorists is just about to heat up as Trump and Putin begin to cooperate and go after them and those US military terrorists, or lets hope they are taken home soon

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    We live in hope that Donald Trump will turn the tide on this nonsense in the world can know peace

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