The World That’s Coming

The modern spread of Islam

The future of all European women under Islam

For most people in this world, one of the most common dreams is for peace, happiness and prosperity. This applies to atheists, pagans and peoples of all religions and beliefs. Unfortunately a large percentage of our global population believes that peace, happiness and prosperity will only occur when everyone else conforms to their beliefs.

Beliefs regarding democracy and aspects of socialism have in fact created a reasonably stable order and conditions for people to live out their dreams and fantasies, but unfortunately many of these dreams and fantasies have come at other people's expense.

For the Christians to be happy, everyone in the world must believe that they do, for the Moslem's to be happy, every individual on the planet must become a Muslim and believe as they do, for Buddhists and Hindus to be happy they simply need the necessities for life because their happiness comes from within and is independent of external phenomena.

The perpetual wars described in George Orwell's insightful book 1984 began with the inception of the Empires and more recently the USA. These people and the organisations they have created the global instability and misery in the world today. This social injustice and crime has created such desperation that many people in the world will cling to any belief in the hope of some salvation because they cannot find it within humanity.

The significance of Islamic birth rate
compared to indigenous European
birth rates

While Christianity continues to spread its tentacles in developing countries, the educated Western mindset is rejecting it because it really is a nonsense and these people do not buy into Islam either because it represents an even greater nonsense.

The Western mindset believes in its own superiority and that when people of other beliefs are exposed to Western education, values and lifestyle, they will fall in to line with Western thought and become good citizens.

The Western mindset has an inherent belief in the goodness of all people and it is not capable of taking into account that entire populations of people actually want to either convert to another system of belief or execute them.

This is what is happening, the Islamic mindset and the Islamic gospels and teachings expressly forbid their believers to abandon their beliefs or to assimilate into any other culture. Within Islam this is a crime punishable by death and every year many thousands are executed.

The Islamic mindset refuses to accept modern science and still believes the earth is flat. But above all, Muslims believe that Islam is the only way to some kind of salvation and a life after death in heaven.

If one goes into physiological and psychological analysis, a large portion of the Islamic population has a reduced potential resulting from 1500 years of inbreeding. Fathers and daughters, brothers, sisters and cousins all breeding with each other. This genetic weakness makes their minds less able and when this is combined with powerful self-righteous beliefs, the only outcome is complete extinction.

Islam began as an idea that was taken up and carefully shaped into a political weapon for global domination driven largely today by the Wahhabi faction of Saudi Arabia which claims ownership of Islam.

What the new world will look like

Islam already has an occupational force of over 50 million believers in Europe whose policy is to out breed the indigenous European population. Since the conflict in Iraq, Libya and Syria, another estimated 5000 or more actual soldiers of the revolution have entered Europe and today we know that parts of many cities are ruled by Moslems and non-Moslims fear to tread.

Over the next 10 years as we are already seeing Britain, Islamic thought will begin to take over the administrative control of the European cities and the educated workers will wake up to find they have new masters yet their politicians stymie any redress.

As Islam strengthens its hold, the sound of music across the Western world will fade away to be replaced by calls to prayer and the screams of woman being beaten for failing to obey some male whim.

The ongoing between Sunni and Shia will continue but the achievements of modern science and technology will begin to fail because it's not written in the Islamic texts. Those who are forced to believe will be slaves for a time but the lights will go out as power stations fail because the knowledge that drives technology will be suppressed.

This will lead to a huge loss in population, perhaps a third of all Europeans will die although the better looking woman will be saved for the pleasure of the overlords. But over time the cities will crumble, communication networks will break down and within 200 years the world will revert to an agrarian lifestyle.

There will be no aircraft, no more spaceflights, no more Internet and the only remaining technologies will be in the hands of the overlords who will direct their believers to attack and plunder the few remaining countries that have managed to resist Islamic conquest.

There will be no provision for environmental change because that is all God's will and within 500 years the human population could decrease by two thirds. Even when Islam assumes global dominance, they will have destroyed everything that modern civilisation held dear, they will revert to tribal kingdoms and a state of continual war with each other over interpretations of belief and base desires.

Within 1000 years, the human population could be reduced to millions because there would no longer be any technology to fight plague or pestilence.

As I've said many times before, at an individual level we can only seek moksa or liberation as we continue the struggle to wake up the Western mindset that has become so unbelievably stupid that they cannot see the danger and like so many brave and foolish woman who have welcomed Moslems with open arms only to be ravaged and killed.

This is the future for our humanity, the loss of all our achievements and extinction although our planet will go on and recover without us.


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  • Willy Macadam

    Hi, I think you’re right but all the neoliberals have got their heads stuck so far up their asses they just can’t see the truth of this

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