Anything that improves the human condition

Therapy is considered to be the treatment of disease or disorders, to be remedial, rehabilitating, or a curative process, a curative power or quality. With such a wide definition and our knowledge that what is good for one person is not necessarily good for another.

Therapy can be good food, good company, a day at the seaside, a good massage, a course of multibyte tablets, visiting the hairdresser or anything that makes an individual feel better about themselves at a mental level or feel better at a physical level. There are therapies for body and mind.

Often when we are feeling a little under part, when the body is not performing as one would like or one's heart and mind are conflicted, therapies whatever they may be helped to alleviate whatever a person may be suffering be it physical or mental.

The idea that any therapy is a medical intervention to bring about mental or physiological change in any individual does not stand up to close scrutiny. Chemotherapy resistance may kill the cancer but it may also kill the person who is suffering. I think it's healthier for us if we stay away from medicine as a form of therapy although therapies such as psychotherapy fall outside of this definition although sometimes once hairdresser is a better psychiatrist than someone that you pay an exorbitant fee to talk about your family background.

So the best therapies are those that support life and indulging in good food, good books and good company are largely self-created therapies. Yoga and meditation can be highly therapeutic at the physical, intellectual and spiritual levels, even sex can be therapeutic as is a good nights sleep.

If you are somewhat underperforming, under the weather or under par as a golfer may say, the first step in receiving any therapy is to become responsible and depending on your situation and means you can seek out therapies that best suit.


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