Time for change

But how to change?

It is all very well and good to poke fun at past and current administrations and institutions, but we must also remember that they too are victims of circumstance. It is well known that suffering stems from ignorance and that suffering perpetuates further suffering.

We need to wise up to the mistakes of the past and yet somehow be compassionate even towards prime ministers who look after their rich mates and impoverish the majority who are largely confused and struggling just to survive.

The real question is how do we extract ourselves from this social and economic quagmire?

Clearly Reaganomics is a disaster and we cannot see New Zealand's situation as being separate from the world around us. Like it or not, successive governments have cemented New Zealand as a link in the chain of our corporate masters, so where does that leave us?

As an individual, it's still possible to opt out and turn one's back on the world. That would be useful if such a person can achieve complete enlightenment, but it does little to help those trapped in suffering.

Therefore we must come back to the most basic question of what is life and the questions arising such as why are we here?

Clearly we're not here to destroy ourselves and yet humankind seems to have this inbuilt urge towards self-destruction. Clashes over ideas and possessions have been going on for eternity and yet in the midst of all of this is India.

Those who write schoolbooks considered that an inconvenient truth that India gave birth to the first civilisation and the culture that has endured for more than 70,000 years. It is a culture where people know that they do not know and yet they appreciate life so deeply that life becomes an eternal celebration.

When we look at humanity, misery and suffering are imposed on the majority by the few in search of happiness at any expense, but their happiness is only temporary and they take none of their possessions into any next life.

This also interesting to note that most people today who know where their next meal is coming from a living as well as many of the kings and queens of yesteryear while those forged into only own properties and even have a few spare dollars are living at a comfort level far beyond most kings and queens throughout history excluding the present time.

Economically, the world financial system is broken beyond repair and the only solution is to wipe the slate and begin again. In this situation everyone would retain all their possessions and a completely new monetary system would have to be invented.

A new monetary system that is more just would not allow the banks to create money and in fact any bank and National infrastructure would belong to the people and the government would be appointed to administer the national assets on behalf of the people.

There would of course be changes for everyone, those who are employed would become shareholders in the company and there may well be no more oil. New coiffed of agreements would have to be struck and some land reform would have to take place allowing the citizens to become independent in terms of food production and the necessities for life even if they don't have any money.

Education and healthcare would be free and here again we can look to India which is a country before colonialism had an education and healthcare system that has yet to be bettered in modern times.

We have arrived at a time in our history where scientists are predicting the end of life on earth before the end of this century. We can stand back and let this happen but the only way to prevent it is to educate the people and encourage everyone to vote while the vestiges of democracy remain in place.



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