A girls life and shit happens

There are stories about and lots of reports in regards to girls on trains, here's one girls story:

There'd been a breakdown on the line and my train was running late.  I was more annoyed that I'd probably have to work late to make up for my late arrival at work.

The platform was crowded I doubted that everyone would fit into the train as we waited, I had a few flirty conversations with some of the guys who usually kept their noses glued to their notebooks.  Sometimes I read, but more often I liked to watch the scenery pass by or have a conversation with someone.

The train already looked full as it pulled in and I got sucked in like another molecule in a stream as as many people as possible squeezed on board.  Even before we left the station, someone goosed me and I thought that maybe I should've worn underwear and a longer skirt.

I glanced around and none of the blank faces betrayed whose hand was rubbing my clit and making me wet.  At this stage, I was holding the pole with my right hand in my purse in front of my belly with my left.  But I was squeezed in between about six guys and as the train lurched, the guy in front somehow managed to turn and face me.  He looked like some minor civil servant and he gave me a brief smile and then looked away.

From behind me, I felt my skirt slide up and the unmistakable sensation of a penis trying to push into me.  At the same time, a new set of fingers was feeling for my cunt from the front.  I didn't know whose they were and then that cock was closer to entering me.

I let go of the pole, squeezed my hand down and traced the owner of the mildly offensive fingers.  I turned to him and said "do you mind?"

He gave me a slightly embarrassed smile and as he found my clit and squeezed it which almost made me flinch, he said "not at all my dear" in a fairly posh accent.  The unexpected pleasure caused me to angle my pelvis slightly and the cock behind me slipped inside.

Being raped was supposed to be an excruciatingly unpleasant ordeal,  but now it had begun,  I just wanted to keep on going because it felt so bloody good.  Mind you, this wasn't the first time that I'd had anonymous sex on a train.  Then the train lurched to a stop on the guy fucking me was really getting into it so much that I put my hand on the shoulder of the guy in front of me.  I found myself biting my lip and looking up into his grey eyes as I come.

I think all the guys within an arm's-length knew what had happened and I realised that I had two sets of fingers completing for my clit.  But then the guy facing me had bought his hand up and was unbuttoning my blouse and I don't know how, but then I had two guys sucking my tits.

It was far too much in part because I had no control and it was so nice I didn't want it to stop despite it being so wrong.  I managed to get my hand down and the guy in front of me although he had a blank expression on his face had his cock out and I guessed he was probably as uncertain as I was how to proceed.

Then I managed to wriggle little closer which dislodged the guys off my boobs.  I pushed my hips forwards and I guess it was his hand found my arse and I took him inside.  It was a challenge, but we finally coordinated moving our hips and we were just pulling into the next station when my orgasm arrived.

There was a general surge as people got off and more squeezed on.  In that brief lull, I realised my skirt was completely up around my waist and my tits were fully exposed.  The man I'd just had sex with had moved away and another guy stood in his place wearing a stupid grin.

Then I realised there was a woman beside me staring at my tits.  I looked at her and she gave me one of those disgusted looks.  I smiled at her and said it was a rough ride and as she looked away, she gave a little squeak and I knew that she'd just been goosed.  But I had some new hands playing and exploring my body.

As I looked around, I noticed the woman beside me looked a little flushed, but all the men wore the same expressionless faces.  Then I realised the hands holding my tit's belonged to a guy behind me.  They were big and knew what to do because it felt like my nipples were about to explode in delight.

I managed to reach behind me with my free hand and felt a huge cock pressing into my back.  I've got a thing for big cocks and I managed to half turn to glimpse this giant of a man and wondered what I was getting myself into as I knew the next stop was only a few minutes away.

But then the train came to a premature halt and his hands went from my tits to my cunt and in a fluid movement, he lifted me and then impelled me on his shaft.  I gasped more in amazement than discomfort as I felt myself being stretched to capacity.  I glanced around and saw the woman beside me similarly occupied and as the men fucked us, we were slowly being turned to face each other.

Then she had her hands my tits and as I could, I found words and asked her to do up my buttons.  The train surged forwards again and I remained impaled and standing on tiptoe as passengers were changed.  But now I had the pole in front of me which was good actually, because I was able to hold onto it and better coordinate moving my hips as the guy thrust into me.

It was delicious and at the next stop I turned to face him and he held my arse as I wrapped my legs around his as he fucked me hard against the pole.  I had such a great orgasm that I couldn't stay quiet and I think everyone in the carriage must have known what was going on and everyone nearby stared.  We were pulling into another station and there was just enough breathing room that I was able to straighten my clothes.

I was getting off at the next stop and I scarcely noticed the few gropers. Ten minutes later I was floating toward my office after a quick trip to the bathroom to wipe off all the come that had been running down my legs.

I never complained to anyone and had no regrets, yet I have never been brave enough to put myself in that situation again though I've come to enjoy other forms of public and anonymous sex.

PS; I was not the girl who complained..


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