Typhoon Haiyan

Global warming or Weather Control?

The Philippines is a country that deals with typhoons and severe storms on a regular basis. Typhoon Haiyan was the largest ever recorded typhoon in world history and it may be a sign of events to come as global warming increases.

There have been suggestions of blame aimed at HAARP, The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program is an ionospheric research program jointly funded by the U.S. Air Force, the U.S. Navy, the University of Alaska, and the Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency which has been accused of creating bizarre weather events. But there is no evidence and the administration does not release information about the facility.


It trickles down. Money sent to aid agencies is distributed to some of those in need who share with their immediate family. But on the way there are often several middle men who also take a cut to share with their extended family and at the end of the day, the poorest are no better off.

As this disaster happened in Zamboanga where there is a civil war being fought, the rebels are hijacking relief supplies, taking what they need and delivering what's left to the needy to ingratiate themselves to the local communities who feel disappointed that government action has been too little and too late.

How you can support suffering Filipino families

Connect with individuals like Fe and David who deal directly with those in need.


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