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A benign investigator

Ultrasound is a well known observation tool to view foetal development in the womb, but until now it has been considered inaccurate for diagnosis of medical conditions. This video explains how ultrasound works.

Ultrasound is now more useful and more accurate than traditional x-rays in mammography and the detailed examination within the main body cavity.  Many hospitals are switching to ultrasound instead of x-ray because it is safer and quicker. The new ultrasound devices can pick up pinhead size tumours and help to facilitate early detection of anomalies in the body.

But a recent development not yet in widespread use is an ultrasound technique is called elastography, which allows real-time, free hand elasticity imaging. In an experiment involving 59 patients, they found this technique helped researchers distinguish harmless lumps from harmful (malignant) ones in 100% with accuracy identifying 16 out of 16 cancerous tumours and 56 out of 56 benign ones.

Other new research at the University of California have developed a new 3D Ultrasound Tomography Device especially for Early Breast Cancer Detection.



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