Uneven Breasts

No two breasts are identical


The alternatives here are generally to live with the unevenness or to have surgery

Uneven breasts are common and the typical amount of unevenness of most women's breasts is usually concealed under clothing and a good bra provides camouflage although it may have unpleasant consequences later in life.  Most unevenness is unnoticeable unless naked and it's rarely a health problem.

The size and shape of breasts will change over time as one passes into adulthood, menstruation and having children. The unevenness rarely affects milk supply or the ability to lactate. But no one really knows why breasts sometimes develop unevenly, but these are some recognised causes and remedies:

1. Hormonal changes or even injuries to the breast bud area during sport.

2. An underlying medical or skeletal condition may cause asymmetrical breasts and one such condition is called juvenile hypertrophy of the breast. This is a rare problem in which one breast grows significantly larger than the other and the solutions below may help.

3. When we walk and stand, we often have one shoulder lower than the other. You can check this and your breast balance by standing and facing yourself in front of a full-length mirror. Then close your eyes and shake your body about for a few seconds and keeping your eyes closed, stand up as tall as you can.

Then when you open your eyes without adjusting your body, you can see the symmetry of your breasts but also the fact that one shoulder is perhaps higher than the other. Then if you measure a line down the centre of your body, you may be standing rather lopsided and these factors contribute.

4. It's also possible that underlying fibroids or non-cancerous tumours may cause of asymmetry, but if there are sudden or recent differences in breast size, shape, feeling or texture, these should be immediately evaluated by your doctor. Other possible causes include scoliosis, or curvature of the spine, and deformities in the chest wall.

Lopsided and uneven breasts can do significant damage to the self esteem of women and sometimes lead to physical or psychological problems, but the fact is just about every woman has one breast slightly smaller or larger than the other which is only an aesthetic problem.

If your breasts are uneven, you have several choices:

It's estimated that over 45% of women have one breast that is a half cup or larger than the other breast. Live with it as there is no harm or health risk and most bra's camouflage the imbalance although bra's carry other consequences as wearing a bra has been scientifically proved as unhealthy and may contribute to poor breast health.

If the imbalance is a real problem, there are two more solutions:

  • Self massage of both breasts using a breast enhancement cream on the smaller breast, you may be rewarded by the results.
  • Yoga - Where your skeletal structure is uneven as described in item 3 above due to bad posture or even problems like scoliosis, yoga works really well because it balances the body inside and out. However to make significant changes, you'll probably need to find a qualified teacher or guru who understands anatomy and physiology as well as the technology of yoga asana.
  • Surgery; the larger breast can be reduced in size, or the smaller breast can be implanted to match and create a sense of evenness.

For women who bare their breasts in some occupational role for who the ascetics are very important will typically have surgery as when it goes well, they are usually fit for work within a month.

For those who can afford to take their time, the combination of yoga and self massage with an enhancement cream on the smaller breast not only provides good results, it helps to maintain the overall health and fitness of one's body.

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7 comments to Uneven Breasts

  • Gail Miskin

    Hello, by the time I was 18 my right boob was much bigger than my left so I got an implant in the left side which initially was great, but a few days later I got an infection and although its healed up fairly well and my boobs are almost even, I got a permanent and rather nasty looking scar under my left boob so I’d recommend creams as a much safer option before going into the knife as a last resort

  • Marion Timmer

    nice boobsHey there, what you say is good advice and what helped me initially was a few treatments at the chiropractor and a series of exercises to help improve my posture. But my right breast stayed significantly larger than my left and about a year ago I read some pages on this website from where I got directed to here. Anyhow I started massaging my breasts regularly for about a month which certainly made feel better, but then I got some of that breast cream you recommended and after three months my left breast is almost as big as my right and I’m much more comfortable not wearing a bra.

  • Karina Patera

    Hi there, my breast are a bit uneven, but do those enhancement creams really work?

    • Dianna

      Hi, yes they do though by all accounts they are less effective on a small percentage of people, but given the cost they’re very inexpensive. 🙂

  • Carol Heinz

    Hi, Our bodies are so strange because my breasts were grown very evenly but after turned 17 my left side grew much larger than the right. Like they were so uneven people noticed and in a society where a lot of girls like to display their breasts while somehow hiding their nipples I felt like a freak. Mum wanted me to have a reduction of the larger boob but I convinced her to letting me have an implant in the smaller side. The surgery wasn’t very pleasant and I got an infection but thank God it cleared up and now I have a much nicer bust. But I really just wanted to emphasise that surgery is so risky and I was extremely lucky not to end up being disfigured.

  • Nikky

    Hi there, yours is the first website I’ve seen that offers such good sensible advice as yoga and massage, well done. I had this problem which seemed to get worse when I was playing hockey at school and I always carried a heavy bag on my right shoulder. Of course it was my right breast that looked out of place much as the girl in the image on top of the page. Actually looking at her photo, even though her hair is on the way I can clearly see that her left shoulder is lower than her right contributing to her saggier boob.

    I wanted to have slightly larger boobs as well as correct the unevenness. When I left school, I quit hockey even I could have gone professional and wanting balance in my life as well as my body, I took up Iyengar yoga. My body began to respond nicely and the unevenness of my boobs was less noticeable so I got some of that enhancement cream combined with tablets and in the space of three months, I increased almost a whole cup size. But I maxed out with the cream on my smaller boob three times a day for almost a year and now they are perfectly even.

    • David

      I Nikky, thanks for the positive feedback and congratulations on your achievement. It goes to show that yoga and natural herbals really work well together

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