Unhappily French

Paradise misunderstood

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Paris especially is called the city of love and yet when it comes to romance, the Parisien's are described as being the unhappiest in the world.

The French have always been renowned for their relaxed attitude towards sex, and infidelity in relationships is so commonplace that no one takes any notice. Even the president and public officials make public appearances with their consorts present.

Prostitution in France is legal although it is illegal to advertise sexual services. There are an estimated 30 - 40 thousand prostitutes in France most of whom operate online while smaller numbers work on the streets and even fewer work as hostess clubs and brothels.

The erotic cabaret - nightclubs like the Lido, Moulin Rouga and Crazy Horse depict the over identification of the human body and that happiness and joy are only experiences of the body.  The entire ideology towards sex and relationships must surely be flawed otherwise this would be the really happiest as well as the most romantic place in the world. So this goes to show that too much focus on the human body is not necessarily a good thing although it should not be seen as immoral.

"Sex is beautiful, sexuality is ugly, and the difference has to be understood. Sex is a natural phenomenon. Sexuality is unnatural, abnormal and pathological. When sex becomes cerebral, when sex enters in your head, it becomes sexuality.

Now, the head is not the centre for sex. It is getting into confusion, it is getting upside down, it is getting deranged. Sex is not the function of the head, but when sex enters in through the head it becomes sexuality. Then you think about sex, then you fantasize about sex. And the more you think, the more you fantasize about it, the more you will get into trouble because then nothing real will ever satisfy you because there is no limitation on fantasy." ~ Osho

So there we have a real dilemma. It is wonderful to see the human body and the artistry it can perform in its natural state, but it really takes people who have a more certain sense of themselves beyond their bodies to appreciate this art without hormones taking over.

This is not a problem in France, it is a worldwide problem and a world peoples minds are indulging in sexual fantasy, the corporations continue to increase their grip on the wealth of the world.  To get a grip on the problem of sexuality, it is helpful to understand that our bodies and minds are tools of what we call ourselves and they should not be running our lives.

When you go to Paris, by all means go and see one of these sexy cabarets, but remember to keep your hormones under control.

Sex is natural, sexuality is not


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  • Theresea

    I think we’re not unhappy, people misunderstand us because we are so open and accommodating. Yes my husband has a mistress and I have occasional lovers, but life is not about sex, it’s about being connected to life and celebrate the joy we find in each other. You will only understand this when you abandon your plastic morality

  • Lateisha

    Hi, perhaps it’s because they’re so unhappy they are surrendering their country to the hordes of Islamic invaders

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