Sexual innocence?

tnnAt the time of Christ the word virginity meant “a free and independent woman” and had nothing to do with sex. Wikipedia in general holds an American moral view meaning “anyone who has not had a sexual experience with another person be it gay or heterosexual.”

The older English version of the meaning equated to a state of being naive, innocent, or inexperienced in a particular context but before about two hundred A.D., virgin equated to courtesan, a woman of independent means.

The word virginity as it's used in common English in most countries today is purely sexual pertaining to  a form of ignorance that most kids are in a hurry to escape and adults who've made a hash of their lives fantasise about and consequently moralise about.

The use of the word virginity between then and now never took into account the diversity which is occurring within modern relationships. To understand the social significance and importance of virginity for women who the word mostly applies to, you have to go back to the dawn of agriculture and the division between men and women.

It’s at this time, that woman became economic and social assets and when she was given in marriage or sold for profit, the buyers wanted to be sure that she was not pregnant and had not been used for sex. After all, slave traders did not want their customers to be landed with a child not their own and some nasty disease. In this context of the economic value of women, I prefer to use chaste and chastity.

Step forward into 2016 and we have Islamic clerics declaring that women have no rights and that girls can be used for sex from the age of five or six. With the operation of Daesh in the Middle East, they are selling girls as sex slaves to eager buyers from all over the region.

With the apparent rise in paedophilia around the world and the increased reporting of incest between fathers and daughters there are many calls to lower the age of consent in many western countries. Around the world while some Muslim countries have no age of consent, it varies between 10 and 21 years of age with the average being 16 and a British NCCL official Patricia Hewitt called for age of consent to be lowered to age ten.

Because children are growing up in a highly sexualised world and because of they becoming sexually functional (biologically) at a much younger age due to environmental poisoning, they are naturally beginning their sexual maturation and experimentation at a much younger age.

The way the world is now, the idea of virginity seems to be outdated but everyone needs to be aware of the history of the word and how it changed over the centuries.



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