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In compiling and organising these two and a half thousand pages on a wide range of human activities and endeavours, the primary focus of this site  is to remind people that we have a common origin from that very first spark of life, we have all taken different paths to get to here and to continue our story, we must all cooperate.

Here now in this modern world of 2019, it is clear that civilisation is in a very bad way and if we are going to remedy our current problems and continue as a species, we need to adapt which means letting go old habits, curing ourselves of addictions and false beliefs.

Here we have a wealth of knowledge and wisdom, corrections to our historic narrative to support your journey, health, behavioural insights and travel. The site search can be helpful in addition to the drop down menu and tags.

To help come to terms with modern morality and social conduct, there is an extensive collection of immoral stories, some written by us, gleaned from our friends or sent in by readers. These are not searchable so to access these you will need to use the drop-down menu or tags. The same applies to an extensive collection of jokes under lifestyle.


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sociology - human behaviour and relationships, many pages in this section may contain explicit content.