Wake up

You are needed for change

rp_hhdl.jpg"Economic and technological progress is desirable and necessary. It is the culmination of many factors so complex that they escape us and it would be naïve to think that we can solve all our problems simply by halting progress. However, it definitely should not take place haphazardly. It should go hand in hand with the development of moral values it is our responsibility as human beings to ensure that these two tasks are accomplished simultaneously." ~ HH The Dalai Lama

In silence wisdom speaks loudest, you cannot expect to learn the truth, if you only listen to what you think you know.

The Right has always known how very dangerous it is to suggest that the ballot can be used to construct a better tomorrow. Capitalism’s future is more secure when voters can be frightened into using their ballots as a shield; or, goaded into using them as a weapon against those they have been encouraged to despise as dangerous enemies or parasites. ~ Chris Trotter

"When the sun is shining, if our house is shuttered only a little light can enter and our house will remain cold and dark; but if we open the shutters, the warm rays of the sun will come pouring in. Similarly, even though the sun of Buddha’s blessings is always shining, if our minds are shuttered by our disbelief, few blessings can enter and our mind will remain cold and dark; but by opening our hearts and minds to the truth and developing strong faith, our mind will open and the full sun of Buddha’s blessings will com pouring in.” ~ Based on an extract by Geshe Kelsang Gyatso from “Transform Your Life”



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