What is Freedom?

We are prisoners of our own ignorance

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Many people dream of differing freedoms and at times go to great lengths to break free of what they think or believe binds them, but lets first ask what level of freedom is possible? To start with, we as conscious beings are physically confined to our bodies and their physical needs, our minds and consequently our terrestrial environment.

Given our physical restrictions,  physical freedom or a freedom to move freely in the environment is constrained by a combination of mental and physical abilities along with political and financial freedoms. In other words you have to have the means and the capacity to move where you want. In other words you need transportation and money for expenses, and when you get to a border, you also need documentation which entails a great deal of preparation. For many people there is no such thing as physical freedom, they may be confined to a prison cell, a sick bed, a job and family. These elements limit travel and we must conclude that physical freedom is very limited and indeed a luxury yet more attainable than to ancient ancestors who had to walk.

Another freedom is represented in ideas presented in the human rights charter and the ideals of democracy while for others it's freedom of thought, expression or divine experience. When we look at the charter of human rights, in today's world that is governed by market forces are steadily eroding away human rights. There is no longer any available land on the planet where people can go to live freely, everyone now is confined to the marketplace and must in one way or another generate an income stream through selling one's labour, intellect or performing some kind of business activity.

The marketplace used to be somewhat democratic but down the marketplace and the forces of capitalism have replaced democracy and communism while socialist ideals and fascism continue competing for power and influence. All these forces have further restricted physical freedoms and the pollution generated is one of the greatest threats to our continued survival as a species. This further restricts physical freedoms in countless ways and the key to survival is to have sufficient cash flow to purchase what were once considered human rights and basic freedoms.

Many would like to think that we have freedom of speech and expression, but this is not really true. It is true we can stand up noise or act out in some way that we think or believe may be meaningful yet we live in a world of intellectual or mental noise that is so incessant and pervasive that it shapes the way we think creating a world of believers and calculators as opposed to freethinkers.

Osho three dimensions of Freedom

In any social grouping there is always some incentive to inform and most societies exercise some motives to restrict freedom of thought and expression and keep the flock on the same wavelength so to speak. If you look out into your street, there will be people wearing brand-name garments, brand-name accessories and various forms of collective idealism. Within collective idealism there is some scope for original thinking but mostly it is all about competition, a game of one-upmanship that we see today in global politics. Of course in these games on the international stage those who make the loudest noises also backup the words with the deadliest weapons so that populations are contained and restrained by fear. In today's world the actions of the USA a classic casebook. The US administration tells another government that it must change its economic and social policies and if the country refuses, as we have seen in the past hundred and twenty years, the USA has intervened in the political process is in more than eighty countries and directly gone to war with any of them.

"Right now, if you sit in the car, you seat-belt yourself. The seat-belt is a good thing, it could save your life. But suppose you seat-belt yourself in such a way that you cannot open it when you want to, this becomes your prison. When you get into the car, you close the door. It is a good thing. But suppose you got into the car and you cannot open the door, it is terrible. You just have to know where the handle is. Then, even if you have a mountain of karma, there is no problem." ~ Sadhguru

While you may dream of certain freedoms, then the physical, sociopolitical and intellectual environments, freedom is purely a myth that is completely true for the majority. But for those who meditate, there is a spiritual freedom and those who meditate must disregard the religious precepts laid down by church and government authorities to make their own way in a unique and individual personal world where freedom is about expanding perception and adjusting one's psychology with environmentally natural principles.

Sadhguru on freedom

The more one meditates, the more one knows oneself as a piece of life and physical identity becomes. Physical identity is in one identifies oneself as the body is perhaps the greatest restriction we can place it on ourselves. Of course this identity is almost locked in place by sociopolitical and market forces, yet to break free of this identity is to find a spiritual freedom whereby one must still shit and pee, eat and sleep, but this is only through meditation that one transcends the suffering of the limited physical/mental concept of self.


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