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What is Life?

We know we are alive, but:

Street musician in Havana

Street musician in Havana

Why are we alive and what is life? There was once a time when parents told their children a trivial lie about where they came from and yet today more enlightened parents will tell their children that they were created in their mothers belly.

While this physical aspect of creation happened in that place, the mother had very little to do with the new life growing inside her. As with her male partner, she had a hormonal and instinctive urge for sexual pleasure which can be seen as part of a biological drive for reproduction.

But from the point of conception, beyond adjusting her diet and lifestyle as the needs of the developing fetus made known to her, she had absolutely nothing to do with creating the life and the growth of the fetus into a new human being.

Life springs from life and new life forms appear when the conditions are right. The ego and the sperm were both alive and yet when their energies were mixed, a chain reaction began resulting in a new life being born. But even knowing this, we still don't know what is life?

Even the world's best scientists cannot define life, all they can do is dissect it and give names to aspects of life. They can reduce life to an atom and even to parts of an atom, they give the atom and its components names but they are still no closer to defining what life is however they have become more competent at manipulating life.

We humans have been manipulating life on earth for a long time and as a result of that manipulation, our species has grown exponentially over the past 5000 years. But we also know enough of the world that we can see that our manipulation of life is destroying life at a rate that many scientists predict that all life on this planet may become extinct within the next 50 years.

We are manipulating life in order that we can be healthier, happier and comfortable in our existence. The knowledge of human history is far from complete and the majority of people on this planet have very short memories and almost no consideration beyond one or two generations.

History tells us something of the nature of human life and human experience and by looking at history we should be able to learn from some of the mistakes that we as a species have made. But it seems that not only are we not learning from our mistakes, we are making even greater mistakes which as predicted will probably lead to our extinction.

While we generally recognise that we are alive and that we have a desire to stay alive and be happy, and we have a desire that our children and their children will also survive and find happiness, we as a species seem to be doing everything possible to prevent that from happening.

In order to have greater material comforts we are digging up the planet to gain the raw materials, then we are burning up vast amounts of energy to process those materials into the goods that we don't necessarily need but have been convinced that we do.

We have cured some diseases and in general we are living longer than at any time in our recent history, and yet the cost of living seems to be making us miserable and for every disease we cure, new diseases manifest. But then the way we live undermines the very core of our lives and this is our immune systems.

Disease used to be natures way of ensuring that only the fittest survived, but now medical science can ensure that almost everyone born in the Western world is and no matter how deformed physically or mentally, these people can be kept alive and may even reproduce.

Today's parents complain that their children show them no respect, but then the parents don't show any respect for life itself. While we have gained some aspects of health and improved lifestyle, we are becoming more mentally disabled.

Part of this is due to our social and political systems that have developed as control mechanisms over the population, material and financial resources. These pressures are pushing us deeper and deeper into different sufferings, economic, social and political conflicts which as predicted could end all life on earth.

Even though the nature of life is beyond our comprehension, it is within the possibility of our experience. As we look at the world today we can see a great many fragmented and dysfunctional communities made up of fragmented and dysfunctional people.

But if instead of looking outwards to systems of manipulation and control, instead of looking outwards to the acquisition of stuff and the things that create temporary happiness, we should turn and look inwards and begin to examine what it is that makes us


Personalised aspects of divinity as represented within Indian culture

Our life is fuelled by the energy of the food we eat, the water we drink and the air that we breathe. These are the most intimate phenomenon in our lives and yet the majority of people ignore this.

All the world's spiritual teachers have advised this course of inner exploration and those people alive today who practice what may be called as yoga or meditation testify that they have found a happiness beyond anything offered by materialism and a state of health not requiring medication and constant trips to doctors and hospitals.

By turning and looking inwards, even though life itself may still be beyond any definition, we can learn how to become more responsive to life, happier and healthier. As we create our own internal health and improve our sense of well-being, we can also begin to have a more positive effect on people around us and our immediate environment.

As living beings and the top predator on this planet, we have a duty to ensure the survival of all other life forms, and like the lions and tigers, we can help to ensure an enduring life on earth by culling the weak and celebrating life.


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