What is Sexy?

A symptom of health and vitality


I know I am sexy,
I love to enjoy and share my own sexiness, but it does not mean that I am being sexual or inviting sexual attention.

The consensus of many dictionaries defines sexy and sexiness as a person or a something that is considered pleasing or attractive in a sensual or sexual context. This is a perception existing only in the mind of the person who is perceiving. Sexy can also be something cool like new or nice car as cool has become a by-word that can also mean sexy.

Any shape or thing in nature can be seen as sexy because what is sexy is defined in the mind of the person perceiving. Looking sexy has nothing to do with sex although it often makes many people think or fantasise about sex.

However because sexiness may not be a sexual perception, it may be only a sensual perception pleasing to the mind in an easier way that does not stimulate the mind of the viewer into sexual readiness as with vehicles, art and inanimate objects.  The lines between sensual, sexy and erotic  are often confused in peoples minds.

Perhaps the most typical example of sexy is the super model, any attractive girl or handsome man which is about the way they present themselves. The sexiness is to do with the shape of the body, they way they dress, their general personality style, expression and suggestion of virility or readiness for sex.

Sexiness can include the curves of body parts like the hips, breasts, various muscles, the texture of the skin and lingerie or certain clothing which is more sexy especially when being worn by a sexy looking person.

Sexiness is about our creative potential and the beauty we see in each other. Sexiness is the energy of life becoming manifest that humankind has celebrated throughout the aeons. But the concepts of sex, sexy and erotic are surrounded by a great deal of confusion, so let's step back into history for a moment. Before the rise of modern religions, the human body was celebrated for its ability to create and nurture life.


The god Pan is an image representing aliveness, sexiness and male sexuality. He is an ideal of a masculine potency and charm so powerful that according to the legends, few could resist.

The multitude of clay figurines found around the world of women without heads or feet represent this wonder and reverence, but let's not forget that in various cultures the male body was equally celebrated. The culmination of human veneration took place through the Egyptian, Greek and early Roman periods of history where the gods were given beautiful majestic forms and celebrated as ideals.

The concept of beauty is another representation or word for sexiness which changes over time and is directly related to the primary activities of the population. In more primitive cultures where the work is heavy and hard, a more stocky body shape was more desirable, on flat land, hunters are often slimmer and faster runners.

But in today's modern world, the ideas and ideals representing sexiness have been manipulated for profits resulting in rakish models parading up and down the catwalks and skinny being presented as an  aesthetic ideal that has led to illnesses. Similarly there are ideal model proportions for men although they are generally less self-limiting. The super skinny catwalk model is an aesthetic for people of influence, like the fancy animal breeds, they exist for profit.

As our perception and ideology is manipulated by the media, the general mass of humanity has lost touch with basic reality. These false aspirations for sexiness in combination with other activities means that we are becoming less capable, less virile, less fertile and far less sexy.

How to be sexy?

  1. Actually one of the sexiest things that anyone can do is to be honest with themselves. This gives off a vibe that enables people to trust them and supersedes status or appearance.
  2. Obviously one must take care of one's physical body and one's health. Regardless of how blessed one is worth natural good looks, keeping your body fit and healthy can help individuals to become more successful and to be perceived as being sexier than someone who is good-looking in terms of body shape.
  3. Most of everything else is down to appearance which requires a certain amount of dress sense.

As with so many of our ideas, at the end of the day defining what is sexy is an ambiguous term because it can only be perceived in the mind of the beholder and we're all different. You must remember that we only see that person or what we consider sexy in our own minds.

Our visual perception operates like this: light is refracted off an object in our external environment, that light passes through the lens of the eye onto the retina. The light is transferred into electrical signals and transferred to the brain which then interprets those electrical signals based on previous knowledge and experience.


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