What is The Divine Feminine?

The gateway and the universe

Some argue that beliefs of women being divine and givers of life are pagan and erroneous, yet without our mothers we do not exist.  Instead of believing, our ancient ancestors understood that without the sun there could be no life on earth and without the earth, we could not exist here.

Therefore the sun was seen as the father and the earth as the mother because life comes through the substance of the earth that is powered by the energy of the sun. Another understanding is that everything physical is feminine in nature while space which has no apparent physicality is seen as masculine. This is because our spacious universe holds the physical in place and maintains harmony.

But if we're going to understand what is feminine as distinct from the masculine, we must recognise the duality of our universe. There is an inside and an outside, Shiva and Shakti, yin and yang, positive and negative, material and immaterial, Earth and space, fire and water etc. and, it takes these two elements or two polarities to create and sustain any one thing.

It is the masculine element that seeks to hold, shape or attempt to control life whereas the feminine facilitates and supports life. When we think of the female, it's not that she creates new life in her womb, it's that life is created in her womb and after birth, she produces nourishment for that life which is true for all living things - plants and animals.

Our universe is dual in nature
and there is no masculine without feminine,
no positive without negative.

However the idea of the divine feminine has persisted through the ages in most cultures and parts of the world as is represented in the multitude of female figurines found by archaeologists. In modern times  we have the Goddess Isis, the divine mother and consort of Osiris. Mostly depicted nursing her baby, this image became that of Asherah, (consort of El) in Judaism and the virgin mother Mary of the Christian Jesus tradition.  Within the early Christianity, the mother Mary for many generations was more significant than the idea of Jesus.

Perhaps this was a response to patriarchy and the politics of the time because women more-so than men feel.  Strip away social brainwashing and we find that women are more instinctively empathetic and compassionate, qualities that are key to our harmonious survival.

We must not forget that the great teachers of history were supposedly born of virgins. Virgin is a word that up until 1600 years ago meant 'a free and independent woman'.  A virgin was not married as marriage had not been invented back then although the idea of monogamy was in it's infancy.  Roman rulers tried to enforce fidelity to one partner on women, but men were always free to sow their seed as they liked.

Our seven mothers:

  1. Adhimata, the original mother
  2. Guru Patani, wife of the spiritual master
  3. Brahmani, the wife of the priest
  4. Raj Patrika, the queen or wife of the King
  5. Dhenu, the cow who gives milk for life
  6. Dharti, the nurse
  7. Taiha Prithvi, the earth

The purpose of human design is that man and woman walk together, however the real significance of the Moses story is not about escaping Egypt where men and women were more equal. Moses cemented a division set in motion by the Assyrian emperor Sargon, an idea that women were less than men thereby establishing patriarchal rule and the generations of consequent misogyny.

Another overlooked element in the Moses story is the slaying of the golden calf. Over several thousand years and like India, Egyptians venerated the cow as a second mother because it sustained them. The people celebrated what gave them life which is a natural expression but Moses killed that idea.

And there is another overlooked aspect, when people recognise and celebrate life, all life is naturally respected and appreciated. This natural appreciation leads to a knowing and a celebration of life that requires no written rules because when you recognise yourself of life, how can you possibly harm any other?

The Moses story represents a separation, a system of beliefs to separate human nature, to divide and conquer with a political system giving people advantage over others.  Without the co-leadership of women, civilisation suffered a loss of purpose and direction, and life became more sadistic.

womanWomen became the slaves of man, a condition that women are struggling to come to terms with today. Under patriarchy, women have been despised, idolised and objectified in ways that reduce their humanity.  Yet, mothers keep giving even when they are downtrodden and confined, even to those who oppress them.

As most cultures have fully succumbed to patriarchy, we see everywhere how our lives have become ruled by fears instead of our sense of connection and belonging. This is what has led to us being possessed and controlled as we are in today's modern civilisation.

Yet women have always pushed back even though at times they are divorced, burned or otherwise executed because man cannot fathom or understand women or the nature of the feminine let alone the divine.  The patriarchal male is afraid and to justify his existence, he must control everything even if it kills him.  Look at the world, this is our situation.  Our rulers are playing a game based of their own fears that for the most part are of  their own creation.

"The feminine aspect empowers women to survive with few means as their patriarchal men squander and whore their way though life. She has the capacity to restore the life force of sex to its rightful place in the temple of human understanding, opening the way for planetary healing and transformation." ~Margot Anand

As women push back today, they are supported by empathic men, those men who embrace the feminine aspect of their character that is often referred to  as 'the shadow self'.  The patriarchal misogynistic male is only interested in a woman's body, not her divinity. He can oppress her through Brit strength and in doing so create a hell on earth but all he is doing is sowing the seeds of his own karma.

When she has been well loved and sexually fulfilled, she becomes a goddess with magical powers – radiating love, devotion, caring, gratitude, happiness.

There is a language older by far and deeper than words. It is the language of bodies, of body on body, wind on snow, rain on trees, wave on stone. It is the language of dream, gesture, symbol, memory. We have forgotten this language. We do not even remember that it exists. Derrick Jensen, A Language Older Than Words

In this modern age, men are still struggling to suppress the essence of women as they try to break free. But throughout history, the great mystics and spiritual teachers have always advocated for the women because she is the nurturer of all life.

If men were able to sit down, shut up and listen, they may hear the stirrings of that Divine feminine within their own souls. Then by allowing that energy to flow through them I would become real men with capacity to love and nurture instead of simply destroying everything they touch.

If men were to wake up a little, by embracing their feminine elements the idea of intercourse with women would become a reality and not just another wet dream.


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