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What makes us sick?

The modern epidemic

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Colds, fevers and other biological assaults on our bodies are common as are cancers, heart disease and other factors. But by the time the symptoms of diseases appear, the disease is normally well-established.

Biological assaults happen because our immune systems are weak, this includes the common cold, flu and a host of infectious diseases. We can reduce the incidence of these infections by living and eating well so that we develop stronger immune systems, at least in theory.

On the other hand, heart disease, cancers and many other diseases that develop from within the body are to a large extent self-created. A small percentage of the people who suffer from lifestyle diseases may indeed have a genetic predisposition a weakness, but the actual cause remains an internal one.

Today in 2015, the incidence of all disease is on the increase in part because due to overpopulation (of humans) combined with the degradation of our environment has led to a decline in nutritional values which undermines our immune systems.

From a spiritual perspective, 70% of all disease begins in our minds and the remaining 30% including accidents we can attribute to fate. Many people recognise the fact of these statistics, so why is more not being done to resolve these problems?

It is because the experiment of civilisation has failed

Think for a moment, if you had a choice, how would you create your life? Instead of thinking about wealth and material things and ask yourself if you want to be miserable, sick and unhealthy, or would you prefer to be happy, joyful or even blissful?

In fact there are very few people who want to be sick and unhappy, most people want to be healthy and joyful although the idea of bliss for someone who has never tasted it can be a stretch of the imagination.

Now it is possible to be reasonably healthy while those around you are sick, it's impossible to be really happy unless your friends and neighbours are also happy. It is a natural impulse when you are happy to want to share that happiness, if you are joyful or even blissful, it is natural to want to share. But in today's world we are bound by our lifestyle situation which is regulated by international economics.

If you have the ability to look beyond the boundaries of your social situation and see your entire community, you'll see there is a great deal of suffering. There are people who are homeless and cannot afford to eat properly let alone afford healthcare.

Just because you might not see a homeless person in your neighbourhood, does not mean they do not exist. In fact around the world there may be as many as one billion people who are homeless and 2 billion who have no idea where their next meal is coming from.

This wealth gap in the financial systems that create it are in fact creating suffering, they are creating ill health. Another factor that is creating ill health is the very health system that was established to relieve suffering. All modern drugs ever do is treat the symptoms and never the root cause.

Traditionally the root cause of all illness has been ignorance. When people do not know how to be healthy, they suffer. There is another group of people who are not so ignorant, rather they are just stupid because they have the knowledge and the means to stay healthy but they are too lazy or careless to take the appropriate action to enrich their lives.

However the greatest influence is that of the corporations and social structure. The corporations control the food supply and healthcare system. The agribusiness model of producing food actually produces a great abundance of produce however the quality of that food due to modern agricultural practices is steadily declining and this undermines the foundation of human health.

Society has evolved to have a pecking order and the deciding factor of where you are placed in society is your level of education and economic status. Within democratic societies it is still possible to change one's fortunate and ascend through the ranks of society but it is very common for people to fall down.

It seems that the 21st-century is about dividing up the world and the gap between the haves and the have-nots is steadily widening. While the wealthy can hide away in their ivory towers and toy with the world for their amusement, they have lost sight of a fundamental reality that they in fact depend on the lives they are destroying for their own continued survival.

The mass of the world's population who are steadily being dispossessed and impoverished have very little say and in countries like New Zealand where there is still a vestige of free healthcare, the formation of free-trade pacts like the TTP mean that healthcare costs will rise and governments will continue to disenfranchise the population they have sworn to serve and protect.

When presidents and prime ministers turn their backs on their fellow countrymen in favour of corporations and personal security in some ivory tower, it is not only the hell of the population that will continue to decline, the very planetary home that we depend on may well become unlivable.

What is making us so sick is over population and the very shape and nature of human civilisation. When those at the top abuse those below them it creates sickness. The sickness that is created will show in the poor with very real physical symptoms such as heart disease or asthma. But those are the top of the heap will not get away unscathed because to maintain their position, they must consciously lie and cheat which is a completely different kind of disease that will allso destroy them one day.


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